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Who are Compass Real estate?

By Jamie Richardson | March 17, 2022

When you are looking into buying or selling a property, you may want to find a reputable real estate company that can help you to navigate through the process. One such company that has been attempting to make its mark on the industry is Compass Real Estate. You may find that, from looking at their history and values, they meet your needs and could help you to complete your transaction successfully.

Many people searching for guidance with real estate may have concerns about whether or not a company operates legitimately. Is Compass realty a pyramid scheme? Or other similar questions, can sometimes be asked, especially for someone new to real estate trading. While some companies may operate unscrupulously, Compass prides itself on honesty. They work as a broker for real estate agents. This allows their agents to earn a commission for the work they have undertaken on closing sales. Although much of the work Compass does is undertaken online, they do have approximately 300 physical offices located throughout the United States. This way, if you so choose, you could opt to visit them in person to discuss your real estate needs.

Although Compass has only been in operation for approximately a decade, they do have a number of successes that can be attributed to the way they work. Among the number of sales they have made, and clients helped, Compass has gained some awards along the way. This can include two Webby Awards, given to honor excellence on internet sites and businesses. They gained the first of these in 2019, winning the Websites and Mobile Sites award in the Real Estate 2019 category. The second award followed shortly after, as Compass was voted as the People’s Voice Winner for Websites and Mobile Sites as well. Again, in 2020, Compass also held onto the title of People’s Voice Winner. When you consider that they were up against some fierce competition, including more well-known or longer-operating companies, it quickly becomes apparent that they must be doing something right!

One notable aspect of Compass Real Estate could be the values that its CEO, Robert Reffkin, brings to the table. Not only is Reffkin a PoC making a name for himself in the industry, but he has also helped to raise over $1 million through competing marathons in all 50 states, and even set up his own charity. In a world that may be deemed as requiring more compassion, as well as diversity in high-level positions, Reffkin could be seen as an inspirational role model to others around him. Knowing this, many people may find that they want to choose his company over others, simply for that reasoning.

Although Compass may not be a long-running real estate business, they do seem to have gone far in the years they have been active. Due to this, as well as the ability to use a purpose-built mobile app, and opt between in-person and online communication, they may very well suit your real estate needs.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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