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Why Hopewell is the idea City to raise your family

By Jamie Richardson | November 8, 2019

Deciding on a new city to raise your family is never an easy decision. You need to consider so many things, like employability, affordability, and schools. At the very least the factors one should look at when considering a new city as home include education, crime, real estate, economic conditions, cost of living, and crime index. 

New Jersey

Using all of the above factors, we will prove why Hopewell, New Jersey, is the best place for you to raise your family. Whether it’s the affordability or the low crime rate, we’re sure we’ll have you convinced by the end of the article. 


When it comes to education, Hopewell does quite well. As of 2018, 90% of residents hold a high school diploma and 70% hold a college or university degree. This makes an impact on the overall attitude of the society in Hopewell and residents tend to be a lot calmer and easier to live with as a result of the emphasis on education.

As far as actual schools are concerned, Hopewell Valley Regional School District has been doing a stellar job in managing the schools under its care. The city has one high school, Central High, and although it may not seem much, it caters to the relatively small population of 2000 people quite well. In addition, the city has four elementary schools and one middle school which happens to feed students directly to Central High School.


Hopewell does pretty well in terms of economic performance and with a median income of more than $100,000 and a 95% employment rate, the city enjoys a healthy tax base, allowing for easier maintenance and improvement of the city. This shows as the town has managed to preserve its historical look quite well.


As mentioned above, the median income in Hopewell is above $100,000 allowing for a very comfortable lifestyle. Additionally, it may be surprising, but Hopewell NJ real estate is not that expensive, as the median price of a 2-bedroom house in Hopewell comes to a little less than $400,000. 

The above two figures should give you an idea of how affordable it is to live in Hopewell. One can easily meet mortgage payments, car payments, and insurance payments, and have enough left over to run a house and raise a family with relative ease.


The crime rate in Hopewell is one of the best in the country. According to statistics, in 2016 there were only 116 reported incidents of crime. Of these 116, 100 were property-related, like vandalism and theft, and only 3 were violent crimes. This is considerably lower than the national average, making Hopewell one of the safest cities in the country. 


The above is convincing evidence of Hopewell’s suitability to raise a family and enjoy a quality life with little financial stress. Hopefully, this article has been able to help you make an informed decision and, more importantly, convinced you to truly consider Hopewell as your next home.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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