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Why is building trust with clients essential and how can the right insurance help?

By Jamie Richardson | November 27, 2020
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One of the most important markets to the US economy is real estate. The sector was reported to have hit a net worth of over $30trn this year to date, which shows how key it is to the nation’s financial health. As US homes continue to sell above list price in 2020, it is clear what great shape the industry is in. A booming real estate market not only gives people affordable property to buy but also helps create jobs and wealth. 

Of course, all realtors are aware of this and know the crucial role they play in driving the property market along. Without professional realtors to rely on, it would be a lot harder for people to sell and buy property. Real estate can be a crowded market with lots of competition for clients. That means a realtor must find ways to succeed and cut through the noise.

One effective method is to build trust with clients and potential customers. But why is this important and how can you do it? 

Why is it essential to build trust with clients? 

The simple facts are that people only do business with companies or brands they trust. That is as true in the real estate market as it is anywhere else. People work hard for their money and are now more concerned about protecting their private data than ever. They need to trust that you will have their best interests at heart and provide an excellent service before they will hire you. If they do not get this feeling of trust to start with, they will go elsewhere. 

But how can you build up trust as a realtor? There are a few different ways to achieve this but having the right sort of insurance in place is one. Just be sure to choose which company you use for realtor insurance carefully, so you get the best cover. Next Insurance are a top choice for many, due to their professional approach and great value plans. They also offer the chance to receive your proof of insurance in minutes with their innovative online approach to Certificates of Insurance. 

How does having the right insurance cover build trust with clients?

Although we know it is vital to build trust with customers and that insurance is one way to do this, you might still wonder how. Perhaps the major way it helps is with showing clients that you are covered to protect them and their property (if selling) in the event of any unforeseen accidents. 

Clients need to trust your business can handle situations like that and not leave them out of pocket. While such a situation might seem unlikely, it can happen! If you were in a client’s property to take listing photos and broke a valuable vase, your insurance would cover it. Even when showing people around, insurance can come in handy for any accidents and will help people feel confident in using you to find their dream home.

Insurance boosts your image 

While the practicalities of having the right cover in place can help you attract clients as a realtor, it is also a real boost for your reputation. People will naturally look for companies to use who have insurance, as this is the sign of one that is professional and takes its responsibilities seriously. It also shows clients that you care enough to spend money on cover to keep them and their property safe. 

Having the correct insurance also gives your business an extra sheen of respectability which builds greater trust with customers. The added bonus here is that you will have a natural advantage over other realtors who do not hold valid insurance policies. Factors like this can often be the difference when people are choosing who to use.

Trust is key to the client relationship 

In any business, trust is key between you and the client. That is especially true in the real estate sector, where huge sums of money are changing hands and people’s properties are being dealt with. If clients do not feel they can trust you with such important things, they will go elsewhere. Having the right insurance cover in place for realtors can really help build up this trust, boost your reputation and also cover against any accidents, professional mistakes or injuries. With the right cover behind you, you should find that clients have no trouble in trusting you.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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