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Why moving to Denver is a great idea

By Matt Lee | March 21, 2017

There are many reasons why we choose to move from one city to another. For some, it is all about forgetting—gone with the old, in with the new. For others, it is all about the search—for a better career, for a better community, for a better shot at life. Whatever the reason is, moving from one place to another betray a desire that we human beings share regardless of personal background and other demographic distinctions: starting anew.

If you wish to start anew, there’s one place you should definitely consider: Denver, Colorado. Considering that in the United States options abound when it comes to your prospective new home, the question that needs asking is this: What makes Denver special? This infographic from locals Clean Conscience and Denver Party Ride called “5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Denver” answers this very question in a succinct, straight-to-the-point manner with fun visuals to boot.

A People’s City in the Sky

Denver boasts of uniqueness anchored to its community’s diversity. Its populace is a mixture of cultures and nationalities. As they say, in Denver no one is ever left out. Perhaps this is the very reason for the high influx of millennials who make a home for themselves in Denver. These progressive young minds have been coming to Denver on a steady stream that Denver’s workforce in recent years has greatly evolved into a forward-thinking and visibly hip community. Of course we cannot discount the strong draw of topnotch healthcare, perks and privileges that allow for a healthy lifestyle, and a sunshiny weather that is more cool and cozy than hot and humid, all found in the city of Denver.

The Scenic Panorama

Who doesn’t want to live in a postcard-worthy city? One where nature’s beauty is found everywhere that there’s not even a need to filter? Instagrammable’s the word perhaps. Yes, Denver is just that: a postcard-worthy or instagrammable city, depending on which generation you happen to belong. For starters there’s Rocky Mountain National Park or The Rockies which is an hour’s drive away from downtown Denver. Other usual suspects include Washington Park, Confluence Park, and City Park.

Booming Economy

Quality of life, reasonable cost of living, and good career opportunities are the holy trinity of a thriving economy. All three are present in Denver. With a projected job growth of 39.88% and a current unemployment rate at a low 2.6%, Denver has been a popular option for young professionals for all the good reasons. Home to offices of the world’s largest companies including Comcast, Denver’s reputation as a business hub cannot be understated.

Food for Thought

Denver is not always on top of mind of foodies en route to a gastronomic tour, which is a shame because Denver is nothing short of a foodie’s haven. Here you can stuff yourself up with Mexican and Vietnamese cuisines, among others. And if you are in for something a little more obscure, there’s Ethiopian cuisine to indulge in.

Sports Hotspot for Sports Fans

The citizens of Denver are avid sport lovers. In fact, the city hosts four major league teams: MLB’s The Rockies, NBA’s Denver Nuggets, NHL’s Avalanche, and NFL’s Broncos. Whether you happen to be a sports fanatic yourself, or someone who wants to finally get active, Denver is that one place that will inspire you to get your toes into the rejuvenating wonders of sports.

To close, please reckon: the Mile High City of Denver, for those who are not aware, legalized the recreational and medical use of marijuana. This tidbit of info makes Denver’s Mile High City moniker an obvious pun, and Denver itself a city and community of obvious ease and cool.

About the author: Matt Lee is the Co-Founder of Lead Generation Experts. Founded in 2012, Lead Generation Experts helps different businesses improve their digital marketing strategy.
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