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Why Work With A REALTOR?

By Kevin Vitali | June 30, 2021

Want to buy a house or sell your current home but don't know the first step in achieving this? Then a realtor is the best person to consult. A realtor is a licensed professional who sell and buys residential and commercial property for others. So, why use a REALTOR to buy or sell?

REALTORS and real estate agents are similar because they both need to be licensed to buy and sell properties, but that is where the similarities end. A REALTOR® has to pass the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Code of Ethics and be a NAR member. Real Estate Agents do not need additional certification and do not need to be a part of the NAR.  All REALTORS are real estate agents but not all real estate agents are REALTORS

The National Association of REALTORS®, or commonly referred to as NAR, is an organization that advocates for the federal, state, and local policy initiatives that aid an individual's ability and need to own, buy, rent, and sell a property. Many people believe that buying or selling property can be done online or without much research. Real estate demands expertise, connections, and the ability to negotiate and these are the characteristics that an efficient REALTOR like Hamilton Realtors will possess.

Putting your home on the market requires posting attractive photographs and videos of the property online or in print. You will also have to promote your property by creating detailed and compelling advertisements. These things take time and will be hard to manage along with other daily activities. The question now becomes why work with a REALTOR®, below you will find six benefits of working with a REALTOR®:

1. Experience

REALTORS® are the expert. They can identify the right property for you based on your budget and needs and evaluate your property to ensure that it is priced accurately and gain interest from potential customers.

Buying or selling property usually requires reading and signing financial documents and legal forms. The paperwork may be different for each market and done per an area's laws and regulations. An unintentional mistake or delay can be costly or lengthen the process of selling or buying or home. REALTORS are experienced with dealing with these requirements and will guide you through buying and selling a house, making it effortless and smooth.

Often a REALTOR® will have more to offer a client due to required continuing education and training that is available only to a member of the National Association of REALTORS.

2. Saves Time

There are many things involved in the purchasing or selling of property, and it is time-consuming. It not only requires listing your property but identifying properties for sale, interviewing potential buyers, investigating and inspecting properties. A REALTOR® completes these things on behalf of the buyer or seller. REALTORS® research what will make a home sell quicker and identify what needs to be repaired or installed to increase your resale value.

3. Connections

REALTORS® know other REALTORS® or trusted individuals connected to the real estate market. These persons can either be interior decorators, real estate lawyers, contractors, appraisers, or mortgage brokers. Access to a network of REALTOR®®s ensures access to information that will be valuable for the selling and buying of property.

4. Expert Negotiator

The demand for houses has increased, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people are working remotely. The increase in demand has created a housing shortage and competition in the real estate market. A REALTOR® will effectively negotiate with potential buyers and sellers to get the best possible price. They will argue in your best interests and ensure that a deal is complete.

5. Ethical

REALTORS are held to and must adhere to a higher standard of moral and ethical practices than real estate agents. They are required to follow a Code of Ethics related to the selling and buying of property and how to interact with the parties involved. This helps you as a buyer because you can now be sure that they will have your best interest at heart and will follow the necessary laws provided by the state in which you are house shopping.

The Single Biggest Reason to Use A REALTOR

The National Association of REALTORS promotes homeownership and lobbies for legislation that affects homeowners as well as home buyers and sellers.  By supporting a REALTOR in your area you are helping to promote your best interest as a buyer, seller or homeowner.

In the recent past, NAR was instrumental in keeping the national flood insurance program that law makers wanted to dismantle.  This would have devasted homeowners that rely on flood insurance to protect their home and would not have had the flood program to provide reasonable coverage.

Currently, NAR is working on raising the homeowner deduction to $20,000 for married couples, which is currently capped at $10,000.

Also, on the National Association of REALTORS, plate is promoting legislation to lesson the blow on homeowners and renters feeling the financial effects of Covid-19.

Without NAR, you would not have such a large organization promoting your best interest.

By supporting your local REALTOR you are helping to promote your best interest as a future or current homeowner.

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