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The Wisenet SmartCam D1 Makes a Big Leap in Video Doorbell Technology

By Ben Shepardson | May 28, 2018

Until recently, doorbells could only do what they'd done since forever-- startle you half to death and announce that someone was standing outside your door. Then, as smart home technology burst more visibly onto the scene, doorbells equipped with a video camera became standard. And while this was a profound and useful change-- an increase in feelings of security and safety-- it already seemed evident that a  big next step would set yet another new standard.

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The Wisenet SmartCam D1 represents that next big step. The brainchild of Hanwa Techwin, which was formerly part of Samsung Security, makes Sci-Fi tech available today. In tandem with its dedicated mobile app, the WiseNet Smartcam adds facial recognition into the smart home technology mix. And while some smart tech advances amount to little more than the proverbial 'bells and whistles,' this is a doorbell that makes a real difference.

What The WiseNet SmartCam Does

Here's why the Wisenet Smartcam D1 marks an almost oceanic change from the older video doorbells.  In short, you don't have to rush to your monitor anymore. In fact, once the Wisenet 5 chipset starts storing information, you won't even have to look at the monitor at all.

This is a smart doorbell that truly deserves the name. It comes with everything you need to start feeling more secure. It attaches to your existing doorbell to give you two-way communication and the all-important facial recognition capabilities. In other words, the WiseNet Cam gives you all the information you need to know before safely opening your front door.

Like other video doorbells, the Wisenet gives you a peek at your visitor. But it also lets you hear and speak to them without having to open the door. It even lets you see in the dark up to 15 feet away, thus eliminating the nervousness a nighttime visitor often entails. It accomplishes this by sensing, capturing, and cropping the image of the person's face.

As you continue to use the smart doorbell, you can designate familiar (and welcome) people as what the app calls an 'interested face.' You can also assign these familiar people a name. Once this happens, the mobile app will deliver a notification that someone familiar is at your door. On the other hand, if the SmartCam doesn't recognize the face, the app will inform you that the visitor is unidentified.

The Wisenet SmartCam D1 Features

In addition to its defining facial recognition technology, the Wisenet doorbell has other attractive features as well.  It comes with a sensor that displays a 1080pd HD look at your visitor, and the microphone/speaker comes already built in.  For a worry-free peek, the Wisenet Cam features visual noise reduction and a wide angle lens.

As already mentioned, it meshes easily with its smartphone app, which allows for optimal configuration and customized notifications.  Additionally, it's fully integrated with Samsung's security system.  You can specify the zones of motion detection as well, a feature that helps prevent animals and other non-human events from activating the system.

The Reception

Wisenet smart home tech products have always gotten rave reviews, and their SmartCam D1 is no exception.  According to, the Wisenet SmartCam offers high-quality video resolution and excellent motion detection sensors.  The PCMag review concludes that the Wisenet SmartCam is great video doorbell option for smart homeowners that want increased protection.

The review gives the Wisenet Cam a top rating of 5 stars, emphasizing its ease of operation and its excellent facial recognition qualities.

It's clear that the Wisenet SmartCam D1 will be the next video doorbell standard bearer for quite a while.  The system also seems to be the most likely candidate for adding progressively advanced features in the years to come.

Photo Credit: Wisenet 

Ben Shepardson is a Realty Biz News Contributing Writer and has a long track record of success in online marketing and web development. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, he worked doing enterprise-level SEO and started an online business offering web development services to small business customers.
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