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Worried about information security? Here's some tips to keep your information safe on the web

By Guest Author | September 6, 2016

The internet is a super network where many electronic devices from all over the world are joined. It provides a lot of benefits to its users, but the risk of information stealing has also dramatically increased over the past few years.


According to statistics, the loss due to cyber crime has increased from 17.1 million dollars per year in 2001 to 1.7 billion dollars per year in 2015. These stats reveal the danger of the cybercrime, and how cybercriminals might attack you as well if you are not preventing yourself from different attacks on the internet. They might steal your credit card information, payment processor information using various techniques like social engineering, phishing, and others. So how can you ensure you don't become the next cybercrime victim?

1. Install Internet Security and keep it up to date

Internet security software must be installed on your computer in this world of information technology. There are many malware, adware, Trojan horses, and other suspicious and dangerous files being shared on the internet. It is not possible for anyone to keep the internet 100% safe, so it is your personal responsibility too to keep yourself safe from the possible dangers. It's also worth investing in a secure wifi software solution to better protect your network connection and decrease the chances of getting your valuable data compromised.

There is plenty of internet security software available in the market to protect your information on the internet. Some of the best internet security software is from the companies like AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, Avira, and others. You should keep one of them and keep them updated to stay protected from the potential attacks.

2. Data Encryption

Another tip to keep your information safe on the internet is by encrypting your data. Well, you don’t have to learn coding to encrypt your data. There are many tools available on the internet, which can encrypt the data for you. It can encrypt your data, email, files, and others.

3. Backup your important information

Many important things are stored in your computers and your internet accounts. There is so many important information stored nowadays that it is practically impossible to memorize it in your brain, or store it in somewhere like in your storage room or other places. The only way to backup your information is to save it on other electronic devices. You can store your important information on your USB drive, external hard disk, or on the cloud.

4. Passphrase over Password

Many passwords are cracked by the black hat hackers stealing millions from the payment processors and credit cards. There is an option of using long and complicated passwords, but the problem is you cannot remember those, and you have to store it in your laptops and other hard drives. The simple way to keep your passwords in your brain is by using the passphrase. Suppose, you are the only one who knows about the most special moment in your entire life. You can keep it as a password for making it easier to keep your passwords intact.

5. Social Networking Sites

There are many incidents where the criminals use the social networking sites to steal your precious information like date of birth, wife’s contact number, child’s information, and others. So, it is better not to keep your critical information on any of the social networking sites to be on a safer side.

6. Do not provide your information to everyone

It is better not to provide your information to everyone or on every website. Before providing your precious information on any site, it is necessary to check out its reviews and authenticity. In some cases, the website might be new. In that case, it is better to track down the website owner and other information using many reliable tools found on the internet. Furthermore, there are many phishing techniques used by hackers to steal your password, so do check out the URL carefully before entering your username and password too. For an instance, a cracker might use the domain name “” (a fake site to steal your password) with a similar theme as Facebook to steal your password.

Cyber crimes are increasing every day, so is the budget allocated for information security. The statistics show that the average company budget on information security increased from $2.2 million to $4.2 million in the space of 4 years, which shows the prevalence of cyber attacks. It is recommended that you implement all the important tips provided in this article to protect your information on the internet. As I said before, these techniques will not keep you 100% secure, but it will certainly increase your protection level.

About the author: Kathy Mitchell is a technology and gadget geek, writer & blogger by profession. She loves to write articles for many on-line communities, blogs, & websites related to gadgets & new technologies. She is the author of many active blogs including fusecrunch technology news. Connect with her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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