Your Credit Score 101: Building a Credit Reputation [infographic]

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A lot is said about how the housing market is down, and about all the factors that lend weight to residential home buying falling short too. What is not always at the forefront though, are the ways which potential home-buyers might overcome the hurdles in front of them. We found one infographic that offers some sound credit advice for those in search of the still elusive American Dream of home-ownership.

Outside unemployment and the general downturn of the world economy, maybe the biggest stumbling block for the new or even past home buyer is credit. Restrictions applied by banks and the FED in the wake of misuses of the system have proven to be a huge point of pain for buyers. And in this pain, home sellers and real estate agents suffer right along. To this end, check out the infographic we found at that addresses the issue.

Your credit history is one of the most important aspects of your business and personal life. Your score impacts more than you may really be aware of. From obtaining a job to things as simple as buying insurance, a credit score is about a lot more than a borrowing factor. Building your credit score can assist you in buying a home even in the most difficult market economy. Let’s face it, banks need to lend money, who do you think they want to loan it to?