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Your Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Guttering System

By Jamie Richardson | November 30, 2019

You know it’s important to choose the right residential gutters for your property before doing a gutter installation. The last thing you need is water getting into your building.  But when you have choices about anything, it is easy to lose focus. Your priority has to be on choosing guttering you know will work. Not on how good it will look. Still, it’s great when you can find Seamless Copper Rain Gutter Installation solutions that are within your budget and makes your home look good at the same time.

Pick the Best Material

There’s a wide variety of guttering materials these days. It may come as a relief to know there are several options for any budget. Even so, it can become confusing. For instance, you can get great results from steel gutters which allow for a greater water flow although uPVC gutters are corrosion-resistant. Like copper and aluminum gutters, uPVC is expensive but offers low maintenance and long lasting durability for great value for money overall.

Seamless or Sectional Gutters

You may be beginning to realize that guttering is not as simple as it looks and yet another thing to consider is whether you should go sectional or seamless.

Most types of gutters come in pre-cut sections which you bracket together at the time of installation. However, aluminum is different. Aluminum gutters are available in a seamless style. It saves wear and tear on the guttering’s weak points, such as at the joints and seams. However, seamless guttering is going to cost significantly more.

Learn about Gutter Styles

Along with learning the types, you should become familiar with different gutter styles.

K Style Gutters: These are probably the most commonly used gutter profiles and work with no nonsense efficiency. They are also referred to as ogee gutters because of their decorative crowned look.

Fascia Gutters: These are useful if there are no fascia boards over the rafter tails. Once installed they keep the rafter tails hidden.

Half Round Gutters: You can identify this type of guttering by its semicircular shape. It is quite deep and allows for significant amounts of water to collect without danger of overflow. It all keeps working fine for quite a long while even if you fail to notice debris that has fallen in. Because this type of gutter uses brackets that need careful positioning, half round gutters need to be installed by a professional.

Whether you go for zero maintenance aluminum and its sleek clean modern look or robust uPVC, provided you’ve got the installation right it’s going to do the job and collect water to run off and away from your property in a controlled and contained way. Going for anything over the basic just isn’t that necessary, which is, perhaps, the most useful thing to know for a greater peace of mind when you are choosing new gutters and watching your budget.   

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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