Realty Biz News is the premier resource for real estate news , real estate investing and real estate technology in the  world. A visionary product of a team  of Web entrepreneurs, media experts, technology gurus, and real estate experts all dedicated to the same goal – providing you with the latest  real estate market trends, real estate technology, real estate marketing and feature profiles of the US housing market.

When the partners at RealtyBizNews sat down to determine the best niche for a new real estate portal, it quickly became clear that no cutting edge web portal about the industry existed. At least not in a form that would address the needs of professional realtors, investors, builders and least of all the home buyer.


 The readers and users of Realty Biz News will soon come to rely on this portal as a credible and impartial source for information that will hopefully clear away some of the ambiguity of the real estate market while giving you features such as Market Watch and our Industry Profiles.

We will endeavor to keep you up to date on all the weighty trends and news in the biggest industry of them all, near your home – and worldwide. This is no small task, as you can imagine. But with your help, feedback, comments and our dedication to providing a superior resource, completely possible – likely is more in tune with our thinking. Until then, all of us at RBN welcome your suggestions. We listen even better than we broadcast.


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