• Your clients are constantly on the go, juggling multiple priorities, businesses, and responsibilities. So, clients expect and require agents to have the ability to operate from anywhere.

    Real Estate Tech: How To Be Always ‘On The Go’
  • You can take the man out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the man. Or so it seems anyway, as a recent Nielsen report said that millennials, (those aged 18 to 36), prefer to live in the concrete jungle than move to the slow but steady suburbia. This is despite reports that a big… [Continue Reading]

    Is It Time To Get Out Of The City? Not For The Millennials
  • By now, you’ve all seen the little thumbnail photos next to certain links and websites on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS).

    How to Verify Google Authorship
  • The longer immigrants are in the U.S., the stronger their financial footing becomes and the more likely they are to buy homes, according to a new Fannie Mae report.

    Immigrants Communities to Drive Housing Market in Future
  • About 800,000 families across the country could benefit from the Home Affordable Refinance Program by lowering their monthly mortgage payments, but fear is keeping them away from the program

    FHFA Director Insists: “HARP is not a Scam”

How to Build Trust in your Brand

There was a time when the decision to do business with someone was based on the number of known options and the availability of information about that person or company. If you saturated your local market with advertising, or if you were the only game in town, there was a pretty good chance that you […]

Zillow Trulia

Will The Zillow-Trulia Merger Bring Much Needed Innovation To A Stale Real Estate Industry?

The traditional real estate industry, like book publishers before them, think they are too powerful to be run over by upstarts like Zillow and Trulia. But the reality is, the internet long ago changed the playing field for the real estate brokerage industry.


Building a Successful Integrated Marketing Campaign

Marketing today has many facets, constantly expanding in our fast-paced, noise laden, digitally driven society. Juggling existing transactions, marketing, prospecting, and customer service can sometimes pose a challenge.


Here’s 3 social media trends real estate pros need to know

Image-centric networks are growing, and Google+ seems to be losing favor. Forbes.com columnist Jayson DeMers recently offered up some of the latest trends in social media.


4 Steps to Boost Your Online Presence

With home shoppers performing an average of 11 searches before taking action on a real estate site, it’s important that you get yourself front-and-center on the Internet.