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10 Amazing Tech Advancements We’ll Witness by 2021

By Mike Wheatley | November 21, 2016

In the past 20 years, the way we live and work has changed drastically thanks to advancements in technology. In just the past 10 years, our lives were very much redefined as weve entered the smartphone era. Phones were no longer devices we use just for calls but more like pocket-sized computers. With so many changes taking place technology-wise, it’s hard to imagine what the future of technology holds. But from what we do know, we offer a glimpse into new technologies that you’ll be using by 2021.


1.Web 3.0

Were already witnessing the dawn of web 3.0 thanks to our mobile devices. The merging of home appliances and devices with the internet is just one aspect of web 3.0 also known as the semantic web. But web 3.0 is much more than that according to Conrad Wolfram, a computer scientist. Web 3.0 is an omnipresent web that will generate raw data on its own unlike its predecessor's web 1.0 and web 2.0.

2. Insect Spy Drone

Although this one sounds like something you would see in a James Bond movie, several sources claim that scientific and military fields have already developed tiny flying robot devices called micro air vehicles (MAVs). These kinds of new technologies are being developed for the purpose of reaching places not safe for humans or that other devices cannot access.

3. Self-driving cars

Google is working hard on developing a prototype vehicle that will take you anywhere with just a push of a button. This vehicle will also significantly reduce the number of car accidents most of which are a result of human error. According to Google, these vehicles will have sensors that detect objects two football fields away and we should see the first vehicle of this kind pretty soon.


4. One terabyte of memory in your device

Its true, SanDisk has already developed the biggest memory card in the world. However, the SD card still exists only as a prototype, and it will take some time before it hits the market. And although this sounds quite impressive, we have to ask: is that much memory necessary for the average consumer?

5. Paper-thin devices

Light-emitting organic field-effect transistors or LE-OFETs are already being used to make paper-thin and flexible computer screens. These devices offer faster response time, no need for back lighting, and theyre extremely energy efficient. The devices may be a great alternative to print newspaper and as such may be environmentally-friendly.

6. Affordable 3D printers

We’ve already heard of 3D printers, but this type of technology is pretty expensive. Researchers see these printers being of great importance in the medical field for the making of prosthetics. However, as time goes on, 3D printing may be as mundane as regular printing shortly.


7. Portable laser pens for wound healing

Researchers from the Tel Aviv University have already developed a carbon dioxide laser pen that heals a wound in a safe manner. Now, these laser pens are becoming more advanced, and their safety means people in all walks of life can carry these laser pens with them for emergency situations.

8. Sunscreen pills

Although a sunscreen pills may seem like something that will give sunscreen manufacturers a run for their money, this may not be the case. The pill in questions contains a substance called Polypodium leucotomies extract. Researchers believe that when used together with sunscreen, the immune-modulating and antioxidant effect of these pills could significantly prevent skin cancer.

9. 4G and 5G will become the new standard

If you live in a highly-populated area and own a high-end smartphone, then you probably already have access to a 4G network. However, 4G is still not the standard in most countries, and it will take a couple of years before this happens, and even then, 5G will become the next competitor.

10. The wooly mammoth will be reborn

Just recently, scientists were able to successfully splice wooly mammoth DNA into an elephant genome. However, the mammoth woolly gene is currently alive only in Petri dishes within the laboratory setting. It will take some time before we see the wooly mammoth roaming the earth again and it may be within a few years’ time or never – time will only tell.


With new technology innovations popping up with each new year, it’s hard to imagine what the future will look like. Many of these advancements may make our future brighter, but we can’t know the outcomes of such innovations. From paper-thin screens to extinct animals coming to life, technology is surprising us day by day. By 2021, the world may change a tad bit, and for what we can tell, maybe even smartphones will become outdated.

About the author: Kathy Mitchell is a technology and gadget geek, writer & blogger by profession. She loves to write articles for many on-line communities, blogs, & websites related to gadgets & new technologies. She is the author of many active blogs including fusecrunch technology news. Connect with her on Google+Facebook and Twitter.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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