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10 Modern Window Ideas for Older Homes

By Mike Wheatley | February 26, 2021

It is inspiring to see the latest trends in modern architecture. Highlights of futuristic look, industrial elements, bold colors. But what if your home is the typical suburban house? What if your home is older, and missed the era of new materials, and fresh inspiration?

There is one renovation that will not break the bank and can be done in as little as a day and will instantly leave your home with a stunning look, and that is window replacement.

While giving new siding, edging, roofing, landscape, and artistic design elements can all help a home with a modern makeover, nothing compares with modern window replacement

New homes will always have certain elements in their windows that give them that modern look. 

What are essential elements in modern windows?

Overall design: Modern windows are different than older traditional windows. They eliminate complicated grids, and aged frames. They are minimalistic. Simple, yet robust. (1) Casement windows that open by crank, tend to give a more modern look than sliding or hung windows, as they eliminate the center bar. Mid window framing should be off-center, to allow for one large panel compared to the others. This makes for a smooth full glass surface. Simple, and unobstructed. A well-build modern home should convey ultra-energy efficiency. Windows can be a major part of helping homes get closer to zero carbon footprint or off-grid living.

Frame size: They typically have thicker frames. Thicker frames allow more space for insulating materials and spacers. They are double or even triple pane. This provides energy-efficient barriers from the outside. And they simply look nice. 

Frame material: Most windows that give a modern look utilize vinyl frame material, that has a matching or contrasting color to the exterior.

Window films: They have high-tech window film technology, for advanced lighting and energy properties. For example, some film can now block certain harmful UV rays, that bring aging and fading to your interior home furniture. In addition, these films can block heat in the summer, and cold in the winter. 

Gas fill: And some windows contain the latest gas-filled technology to create a virtually zero energy-transfer environment. Combining thicker frames, with slim window face, this provides a solid look, of more expensive, yet longer-lasting home construction. 

Why these elements? Modern design trends towards simplicity using technology. It incorporates natural elements, combined with advanced engineered materials. It blends with the natural surroundings, while creating bold statements of strong colours. It associates with new urbanism. These somewhat contrasting concepts create the uniqueness of modern design philosophy. It helps create a home that is free of distracting items, too much personal taste, and simple clean line looks. Work-life balance, efficiency, and clear thinking are three attitudes it is designed to convey.

To see what modern windows can do for your home, here are five projects, performed in Toronto Canada, by a local window contractor, Delco, that took average, ordinary homes, and made them into modern masterpieces, simply with new window installation, coupled with other exterior elements.

After remodeling the siding and edge line, this home finished with Delco Slimline89 modern windows. Notice the full-edge window at the top corner, adapting to the 90degree corner, making true “corner window”.

This 1920’s era home replaced all of their windows with casement windows using thick black vinyl frames and modern film technology. It gave the home a “modern reset”.

Floor to ceiling. This special view from the interior, of a house bordering the forest, on the outskirts of Toronto, showcases simplicity and views. It created a modern feel, from not only outside, but indoors as well.

Using simple unobstructed windows in tandem, along with modern door replacements, this older suburban house created a major start towards a gradual facelift.

These homeowners took out their gaging gridded hung windows from 1910’s era and replaced them with triple-tandem casement windows to give it a modern curb appeal.

Using contrasting colours, this thick-framed Slimline89 bedroom window skips they typical hung or sliding panel, to make a unique statement with one primary unobstructed top right panel.

This large house in suburban Toronto took out their outdated windows on this turret and replaced them with modern windows utilizing high-tech films for better light reflection. It creates added privacy in the day, while allowing full views if needed.

This stately 1940’s era large family house used window replacement with thick black vinyl frames to create a solid, updated look.

An old brick townhome in historic Toronto in the city got is primary living area window replaced with modern vinyl window. This window enhances the historic elements to make the street presentation attractive. 

This brick home replaced all their aging windows with top hung awning windows, that provide unobstructed views, while opening for fresh air and egress.

When modernizing your home, start with the most visible elements, that can be performed quickly. Window installation contractors can easily replace your old, aging windows in a day or two, and you’ll be left with encouragement and inspiration to turn your home into a modern statement that the neighbors will be talking about.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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