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12 Tips for Moms: Cleaning a Huge Living Room in 10 Minutes

By Guest Author | June 15, 2016

Moms are the superwomen of the household. Some have careers but still manage to keep on top of the kids and the chores. For some days however, you might feel like you don’t want to deal with a messy home after coming from a long day at work. This can be challenging. As a mother, it is a must to deal with the mess and keep the house in tiptop shape.
Woman kneeling at the floor cleaning while smiling

If you are busy mother and don’t want to spend an entire day cleaning a huge living room, here are some tips that you can use:

1. Remove the biggest offender first. Tackle the things you see when you first open the door. These will also be the first things that your guests will see when they enter your home. So, make sure that this is addressed first. If the biggest offender is the kids’ clothes or socks lying around, then go do that before everything else.

2. Use oversized lint rollers. If you have pets at home, quickly dust off your furniture using oversized lint rollers. These are so easy to use and can be just peeled off if you need to move on to the next furniture piece or pillow.

3. Glass cleaner on the rag. Spray the glass cleaner on the rag not on the glass or mirror. This is the easiest way to do it and will ensure a cleaner surface than the other way around.

4. Vacuum after dusting. Do not vacuum before dusting. This is counterintuitive. Dust the surface and furniture first before you start vacuuming everything up. Take a look at the amazing cordless vacuum from Euronics.

5. Cover couch stains with folded throws. Straighten up pillows and fold your throws and blankets to clear up your couch a bit. If your couch has random stains from your kids’ beverages or spilled coffee, you can cover them with your folded throws.

6. Hide random bits into the laundry basket. If you have tons of toys, letters, and bits and bobs lying around the living room, put them temporarily in the laundry basket. Then, move the basket out of the room to hide everything and keep it out of your guests’ eyes.

7. Organize remote controls. Clear your coffee table by organizing your remote controls. Line them up on the table and show that organized side of you. This also ensures you know where to reach out when you’re entertaining your guests.

8. Straighten out piles of books and magazines. If you have books and magazines on your coffee table, make sure the piles look put together. The same thing goes if you have books on the shelves. Just quickly pile them up properly according to size or color and this instantly creates an interesting point in your room.

9. Clear not clean. Since you only have 10 minutes to clean up your living room, you do not have to deep clean every inch of your space. Just clear up those that are eye level. Start with your drawers, tables, TV stand, and start going down to the nitty-gritty. Just clear out random items that shouldn’t be found in your living room and organize your stuff.

10. Surface clean. If you still have time after clearing up, you can go surface clean and wipe the TV and other big and obvious furniture and home electronics. Just don’t spend too much time on cleaning. Move on to the next spot right away.

11. Ask for your kids’ help. Make the cleaning process some sort of a game by asking their hands. Ask them to pick up their toys and the first one who finishes is the winner. This can be a good idea if you are doing something else while they’re clearing up their own mess.

12. Set a timer. If you have to make dinner preparations after cleaning your living room, it might be wise to set a timer. This prevents you from spending more time that you have in cleaning up. You might become more conscious of your time and move quicker with a timer that’s ticking.

These tips can also be used to speed clean your living room for some last-minute dinner with friends at home. Surprise visitors can be stressful. However, with 10 minutes you can clear up your living room in no time and entertain guests in a clean-looking home.

About the author:  Maggy Robertson is a Content Curator and an office staff member of in Atlanta, GA.

  • One comment on “12 Tips for Moms: Cleaning a Huge Living Room in 10 Minutes”

    1. Great Tips, also you could use a Basket downstairs to collect all the toys and things that you kids leave and at the end of the day just take the basket upstairs with all the toys.
      But it is also very helpful to have maid service if you can afford it at least 3 times a week.

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