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13 Ways to Improve Exterior Design and Color for Your Home Garage Door

By Guest Author | December 24, 2015

Today, garage doors are designed to coordinate or match the entire aesthetics of the house. Some might find it silly asking, “Why do you have to? It’s just a garage door.” Well, unless your garage is hidden on the back of your house it is safe to say to hell with what it looks like. But if your garage is facing the street, it is much recommended that you style it accordingly to make it nice to look at – not only for your neighbors, guests or passersby but for yourself too. After all, you are the one who is going to see it often.

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So if you’re thinking about how boring your garage door is, then you should definitely revamp it. Add something to make it nicer. Or change the color. Whatever it is, just do it. And here are some helpful tips on how to style your garage door accordingly.

1. Complement the color with the entire home’s color and shades.

Sure you want your garage door to be attractive but it does not mean it has to stand out too much. Since it is still part of your home, it should match with the house’s color palette. You don’t want a neon garage door amidst the neutral walls of your home.

2. Match the architecture and style of the house.

If the colors complement so should the architecture. If the house is made of wood, the garage door should also be made of wood or at least wood-like – if you prefer other materials.

3. Change into carriage style garage door.

Don’t want the usual aluminum doors? Try the carriage-like style of garage doors. A lot of homeowners have shifted to this because it adds to the homey feeling. It makes your garage blend in with the rest of the parts of the house especially if you have a wooden front door.

4. Add stylish yet matching handles and hinges.

This is very applicable if you have wooden garage doors. If you look through the internet, most of wooden doors have wrought-iron or steel handles and hinges. It makes your garage doors a lot more attractive and looking less like a barn.

5. Add windows.

Some opt for windows since it makes it less suffocating to look at and at the same it is functional. It lets some light in and you can see the outside of your garage or can see through it if you are on the other side.

6. Add light fixtures or sconces.

If you don’t have lightings near or above your garage doors you are waiting for an accident to happen. Lights are very important. And it wouldn’t hurt to have cute light fixtures. You can install them beside your garage doors or above them.

7. Add plants, trellis or vines.

If you like plants and flowers, why don’t you add some of it to your garage door as well? But be careful not to overdo it since you don’t want your garage to look like a cave or a garden. Some vines outlining your door or potted plants on the columns will do.

8. Add overhangs.

Some build overhangs above their garage doors as a design but it can also provide functionality – it can serve as a roof on rainy days. Also, if you don’t want a trellis but you like the idea of vines, you can suspend them in your overhang.

9. Instead of plain glass panels, try smoked glass.

Smoke glass has become a trend. It is chic and clean and very appealing to minimalist homeowners and those who have houses with modern architecture. And unlike the usual glass panels, it provides privacy.

10. Add stone veneers and bricks.

If you’re tired of your plain painted walls and columns, why not cover it with bricks. You can cover the entire frame with it or maybe just half of the column – the lower portion specifically.

11. Coat wooden doors with polyurethane.

For those who don’t know what polyurethane is, it a paint-like substance that is clear in color. Some designers paint wood with these to have a shiny finish. Not only that it increases attractiveness, it can also make your wooden doors a lot more durable.

12. Opt for arched doors.

Instead of the usual square or rectangular door, why not try curved top garage doors. It is very suitable to traditional house styles with its classic vibe.

13. Ornate plain aluminum or wood.

Who says aluminum garage doors are boring? You can always design them with shapes you like instead of the usual horizontal paneling. Also, if you don’t want plain painted woods, have them carved with design and shapes you want.

There are a lot of choices for homeowners out there. What’s important is that functionality and durability aren’t compromised with the design. Choose materials that are strong to avoid accidents or premature replacements and repairs. Just like the other parts of your house, the garage door also needs thorough planning and designing.


About the Author: Kristy Jones is a DIY type of gal with a lot of experiences in architecture, crafts and basic house renovations. She loves writing on her personal blog, biking, bonding with friends and, most especially decluttering things at home for fun. Currently, she's working as an office staff at A Click Away Remotes. She just want to focus on the growth of her career.

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