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3 Home Security Investments That Have a Great ROI

By Mike Wheatley | December 14, 2021

When looking for home improvements to make, it's a good idea to go for the ones with the best return on interest. Along these lines, there are home security investments that can give you better returns than others. To find out more, read on to see three such investments and implement them to improve both the value and the safety of your real estate.

High-Security Door Locks

The first high-return security investment you can make is upgrading to KNA Security doors. Since the doors are the first line of defense in any house, it's important to make sure that yours are of great quality, and they're backed by door locks of the highest standard possible. With homicide checking in as one of the leading causes of women's deaths and almost half of all the victims aged 44 and under killed by either a former or current male intimate partner, this upgrade is even more important for women who live alone. Getting better door locks through professional locksmith services will also improve your home's value, giving it a good resale price. Last but not least, you will likely be able to pay lower insurance rates because your home is more secure than most. To ensure your lock is a secure one, find one that's anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-snap, and that has a high UL fire-resistance rating.

Surveillance Systems

Few things have the ability to stop would-be intruders in their tracks, like a robust surveillance system. When you install one in your home, you can be secure in the knowledge that it's possible to always keep an eye on your home. Due to technological advancement, it's possible to find a solution at every price point, although there will also be different offerings at different prices. You can decide how much security you need for your home and choose anything from a DIY surveillance system to a high-end monitored system. With most standard interior doors available in widths ranging from 28 inches to 32 inches, you can easily find an efficient setup of the cameras that can even be built right into the doors. The fact that it's possible to integrate most security cameras with other smart devices in the home makes this a secure investment that will help you create a robust security network for your real estate.

Better Exterior Lighting

The third security investment is one that will work well alongside the previous one. Upgrading your home's exterior lighting will help you illuminate your outdoors at night, keeping would-be burglars and other people with ill intentions off your real estate. Effective exterior lighting will help eliminate any hiding spaces for criminals and ensure that you have to deal with fewer attempts to break in or vandalize your property in the first place. Security cameras will also work a lot better with ample lighting, and you can set up a smart lighting system as well so that everything works together perfectly. According to the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Energy, there are about 114.8 million households in the nation, and many of them can use better lighting for their exteriors. For maximum effect and some energy savings, you can install motion sensors so that the lights don't have to stay on constantly, but they only turn on when motion is sensed near your house.

Implementing these three residential security improvements in your home will help you keep your home secure and also improve its value. This is because people on the market to buy a home will value additions like smart appliances and security. Set a budget for them and you will find that you feel a lot more secure both when you're at home or away.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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