Post Café wants to automate your social media campaigns

A groundbreaking new social media content publishing service called Post Café launched this week. For the first time, automated social media combines with branded content via an innovative subscription service allows companies without social media or blogging resources to simply and affordably publish original content both on Facebook and on a credible, industry content hub.

Post Cafe

Launched initially with a housing and real estate industry focus, Post Café enables real estate agents to establish themselves as housing industry experts and foster ongoing communication with past and potential clients.

Built using a never-before-seen publishing model, Post Café arms individual real estate agents and agencies with the tools they need to stay engaged with clients between sales. Post Café publishes housing industry-specific, curated articles to an agent’s Facebook page. Each post then links back to a personalized content hub, prominently displaying the realtor’s contact information and agency logo.

“Post Café is so simple, yet so powerful,” said Post Café creator Chris Mulvaney. “We have been building social media accounts for clients since the birth of the channel, so we know how much thought and effort it takes to do properly. With Post Café, small businesses stay relevant, look smarter and stay top-of-mind when customers are ready to buy – now or in the future.”

The most significant difference of Post Café is the ability for real estate agents to surround all content with their brand information. Using proprietary logic, Post Café frames each article with the agent’s name, logo, phone, website and email address. Whenever Facebook users click on an article link on the agent’s page, or from a shared post, they will see that specific agent’s branding surrounding the content. Branding information differs based on which agent drove traffic to the content hub.

“There is nothing out there like this,” said Chris Walsh, a leading New Jersey real estate broker. “For less than $3 a post, I can stay active on social media, publish trending, insightful content that my clients appreciate and remember, and maintain on-going relationships long after the sale – all while being able to focus on selling homes, rather than spending the time to market myself.”

Introduced at the low entry price of $29.99 per month, Post Café publishes 3 posts and branded articles per week via Facebook for real estate agents. For an additional $1 per month, Post Café will create personal messages for the Facebook posts, increasing social engagement among page followers.

Agents can sign up for Post Café and start posting immediately. Subscribers have access to a dashboard of upcoming posts, with the ability to personalize messages, skip posts or cancel at any time. All articles will be hosted on real estate-focused website

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