4 tips to help stop the spread of flu at your listings

What with the New York Times claiming we’re in the midst of the worst flu season in almost a decade, real estate agents would do well to take precautions against the epidemic in their clients homes, particularly when they’re holding open houses.

With that in mind, Re-Bath, a bathroom remodeling company, has offered up a few suggestions for real estate agents to help keep the bugs at bay.

1. Sanitize those surfaces.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, sanitation on surfaces people are most likely to touch helps to decrease the amount of germs present there to a safe level. Re-Bath recommends using an antibacterial spray or wipe to clean things such as countertops, door handles, and other surfaces that viewers might come into contact with.

2. Increase the humidity

The flu virus loves cold, dry environments and so a humidifier can be useful to add moisture and heat into the air. Doing so not only helps prevent the bug from spreading but can also ease the symptoms of those who’re already suffering from flu. However, be careful not to go overboard with the humidity, as this can lead to condensation forming on floors and walls, and make the home feel stuffy.

3. Keep the toothbrushes hidden

Strange advice, but it’s worthwhile to keep bathroom surfaces decluttered as much as possible, especially during a showing or an open house. It’s even more important for homeowners to make sure toothbrushes are tucked away in a cabinet or drawer.

4. Do a deep clean.

After a house is under contract and the foot traffic subsides, your clients may still be living in the property several more weeks or longer. They might want to do a deep clean to combat the spread of the virus. Or, you can send a reputable cleaning person to tackle the high-trafficked areas of the home as part of your service. Sellers who are also buying a property should also do a deep clean on the home they’re moving into, so that the flu doesn’t leave them down for the count when they should be getting settled.

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