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5 Home Improvements that are Worth the Investment

By Jamie Richardson | February 10, 2018

No matter if you’re looking to sell your home or are just ready to tackle a home improvement project to work towards your dream house, you’re well aware that home upgrades and renovations don’t come cheap. From kitchen upgrades to finishing the basement, there are an endless amount of projects that homeowners are ready to tackle. To get the most out of your money, it pays to plan for home improvements that will increase the value of your home.

Keep reading to learn about 5 home improvements that may be expensive, but are well worth the financial investment.

1. Landscape
So many homeowners focus on the interior of their home without ever considering the exterior. Curbside appeal is crucial if you ever decide to sell your home. Plus it's always nice to be greeted by a luscious green lawn and a nicely landscaped garden.

Lacking a green thumb? Are you clueless as to where to start in updating your lawn and garden? Head to your local garden center and talk to a landscaping expert. They can help you to determine what type of plants and flowers will work best, and they can also offer suggestions for greener and thicker grass.

When it comes to gardening and landscaping, height is what will set things apart. Avoid having a garden where all of the plants are the same size and color. By having varying heights, you can guarantee an eye-catching look.

2. Exterior Improvements
Aside from landscaping, there are other exterior improvements that are well worth the investment. Is your siding old, faded, or missing in some spots? Replacing vinyl siding isn't the cheapest project, but it will give your home a brand new look. For a less expensive renovation, consider painting your front door with an eye-popping color such as red or yellow. You could also repaint your porch to restore it to its original color.

The back of your home is also important! Is your wooden fence rotted in some areas? Is the paint fading or chipping? How does your deck look after years of exposure to wind, rain, and sun? Renovating your home’s exterior from all angles will not only benefit you as the current homeowner, but future homeowners will fall in love with the high curb side appeal.

3. Small Kitchen Remodel
If you've ever looked at the cost of a kitchen remodel, chances are you've been presented with a total that ran into the thousands of dollars. The good news about updating a kitchen is that it doesn't have to break your budget. Instead of renovating everything at once, break the project down into smaller chunks. For example, consider repainting your cabinets and then replace the hardware. Other affordable project options include new appliances, new flooring, new window treatments, or maybe even a new lighting fixture.

For more expensive projects such as trendy countertops or knocking out a wall to create an open space look and feel, consider looking into some of the best homeowner loans so that you can finance these costs opposed to paying for them upfront out of pocket.

4. Bathroom Remodel
Want to give your bathroom a fresher look without spending thousands of dollars? While a new huge soaking tub or granite bathroom countertops sound nice, they won’t get you the return on investment you're seeking. Instead of making a huge bathroom renovation, choose a smaller remodel to improve the look of your bathroom.

Is the caulk around your shower looking a little grimy? A fresh layer of caulk can transform the look of your tub or shower. Want a new tub, but can't afford thousands of dollars in expenses? Set aside a weekend and reglaze it. After some elbow grease, it'll look good as new!
Other tips for a small bathroom remodel include:
● New paint
● Installing a new light fixture
● Replacing hardware such as knobs and sink faucet
● New shower doors
Making over your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. Take on small projects and look at just how much of a difference it makes.

5. Transform the Attic
Chances are your attic is either empty or used as storage for holiday decorations, old keepsakes, and other items, but did you know that an attic can be transformed into a new bedroom? Adding a new living space to your home can bring in thousands of dollars at selling. While this is a long-term project, the cost is well worth the return on investment.

Start by insulating the attic. This will better seal your home and reduce your utility bills. From there you'll want to ensure your HVAC system can properly heat and cool the space. Install flooring, drywall, and soon enough, your attic can become a functional room in your home.

Not all home improvements are worth the cost. If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck and a high return on investment, keep these 5 projects in mind. Remember, the more value you add to your home, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to sell.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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