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5 Reasons You Should Give Home Automation Some Thought

By Guest Author | November 4, 2014

Whether you have just recently moved into a new home or if you have been considering upgrades for safety and for property value purposes, consider the option of home automation. There are a few reasons to consider home automation regardless of the size of your home, how much you travel as well as where you are located.


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Safety and Protection

With a home automation system installed, you have the ability to lock down doors, windows and any other access points to your home, whether you are inside or out. Home automation systems detect break-ins and alert authorities as well as homeowners as quickly as an incident occurs, regardless of the severity of the incident itself. Getting peace of mind with a home automation system is another benefit of having one installed.


Many home security systems today allow for the ease of accessibility. It is now possible to view installed security cameras with the use of your television, desktop computer and in some cases, even your smartphone. Using your smartphone or another computer is a way to monitor any cameras you have set up throughout your home or even any outdoor property you are protecting at all times.

Having the ability to check on your home from just about any location is a way to ensure nothing is out of place or that you are not at risk of a potential intruder or danger. Using an automation system with security and smartphones allows you to alert authorities immediately if you spot something that is out of the ordinary while away from your home.

Features and Options

Depending on the type of home automation system you have installed, it is also possible to use a temperature gauge and monitor. Monitoring the temperature in your home is an ideal way to ensure your heating or air conditioning unit is working properly when you are unable to check on it yourself. Be sure to review all of the features and options available provided from individual home automation systems to ensure you are getting the most for your investment. Comparing features and prices is a way to find a home automation that is ideal for your property, regardless of your own needs and its location or size.

Another feature that is available with many home automation systems today includes timed lighting. Timed lighting helps to ensure you are not keeping the same lights on when you are not in the home. By having a timed automated system set up for lighting, it is much easier to leave the home or travel without looking conspicuous or becoming a target to potential thieves who have been looking into your neighborhood.

Home Warranty Opportunities

Working together with home warranty companies is another way to ensure that your home security system is always covered and can be repaired or inspected at any times. A home warranty company is capable of offering long-term warranties to ensure your household is entirely protected for years to come. Having a home warranty for your automation system is a way for you to feel protected whether you are out of state or even traveling globally.

Less Hassle When Traveling and Out of Town

Although it is still advisable to inform close family friends, and even neighbors when you are going tout of town for vacation or business, there is less need to do so with a proper home automation system installed. With features such a timed lighting and the ability to check on your home and all of its rooms at any times, leaving your home unattended has never been easier.

The more you know about what home automation systems have to offer, the easier it becomes to find a security option that is right for you and your household. Whether you require home automation for your main home, a vacation home or even your place of business, there are plenty of packages and options available for you.


About the author: Jonathan Ensey is a contributing writer for Realty Biz News

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    1. Home automation solutions are becoming the defacto standard. Integrating energy efficiency with solutions for thermostats, cameras, smartlocks, electrical plugs and more allow properties to be monitored, managed and controlled remotely via Wi-Fi communications via smartphones and portals.

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