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6 useful tools to help you build real estate chatbots

By Mike Wheatley | June 23, 2017

Chatbots in real estate are nothing new, but until recently not many real estate professionals have been able to make use of them. But thanks to advances in AI technology, their implementation has suddenly become a whole lot easier.

These days chatbots can learn from user inquiries, in order to parrot out preprogrammed responses to customers. In addition chatbots can sync with data from various sources so that they’re more responsive and give better answers. With just a little tech savvy, real estate professionals can rapidly implement a chatbot of their own to handle basic customer inquiries at any hour of the day. Here’s a few tools to help you get started in building your own chatbot for real estate.


Called Amy, this personal assistant chatbot is able to handle meeting scheduling. Indeed, the technology is so savvy that some users have even reportedly been tricked into thinking Amy is a real, human secretary. Just cc Amy in your emails and it will automatically determine the best time and location for your meetings, and add them to your calendar.


Motion.AI is a startup that offers a “bot store” containing various pre-built chatbots that can be fully customized. Not all of the chatbots will be useful to real estate pros, but the personal scheduling bot could easily save time for busy agents. The company also offers a simple customer service bot that can deal with inquiries on real estate products.

Apartment Ocean

Not everyone has the time or technical nous to build a chatbot by themselves, so Apartment Ocean’s offering might be an option. The company offers an installed widget that acts like a chatbot, interacting with site visitors. The AI automatically pops up and asks site visitors questions and handles basic customer services. It also captures the details of potential leads so these can be pursued later.


Facebook’s Messenger platform provides real estate pros with the opportunity to design and integrate a chatbot for their Facebook page. Designing a bot is not so easy though, but Facebook provides very detailed resources on how to do so, which meansthose with decent computer skills should be able to handle it.


Chatfuel offers those who don’t understand software code a simple way to build a chatbot. It promises to build a working AI in just minutes through the setting up of some basic conversation rules. Once done simply integrate with selected services like Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds and you’re good to go.


Botsify is another platform for those who don’t have experience in coding. The company offers free and paid chatbots for customer service that can be integrated with Facebook Messenger in just five steps. It also offers plugins that integrate chatbots into RSS feeds and the Dashbot.IO analytics platform.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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