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7 Common Water Pump Problems You May Experience At Home

By Jamie Richardson | January 12, 2021

Water is one of our basic instinctive needs. Our body cannot function well, live, and survive without it. It is also a vital substance that we use in our daily lives. We use it in taking a bath, washing clothes and dishes, preparing food, etc. Thus, it is essential to have a source of water at home.

There are three primary sources of water that you may have at home, including groundwater, surface water, and rainwater. In most towns, our water primarily comes from wells and is extracted using water well pumps. Like any machines, water well pumps need maintenance to function efficiently.

So, it would be great to recognize common water pump problems for you to immediately fix them or do some repairs about them. Some of the most typical commercial water pump problems that you may encounter at home are as follow:

Dirty and Foul-Smelling Water From The Faucet

When your faucet produces dirty and foul-smelling water, it could indicate that your pump system is pulling water from a well that is contaminated with silt and sand or bacteria. It could also indicate that your pump has failed to filter out the silt before it pumps the water to the surface.

Either of the two reasons, you have to fix this problem as dirty and foul-smelling water can have harmful or adverse effects on your health when consumed. But how do you fix this water pump system problem? Since we are not experts in repairing a water pump or well, the most sensible thing to do is to think and ask yourself, "where can I hire a company that offers a pump system or well repair near me?" 

Hiring a well pump service company comes with a lot of advantages. Aside from they can quickly fix the problem of your home's water pump system, they can also save you from the hassle and the risk of troubleshooting and doing the repair yourselves.

The Water Pump Won't Start

The most obvious indicator that your water pump is damaged is that it won't start. When this happens, you may check the plug, cable, or the circuit breaker of its electrical panel to know if this was the cause of the problem. When the electrical panel does not have any faults, you may try checking its pump motor. If the pump motor is burned out, you must replace the pump immediately.

Noisy and Vibrating Water Pump

Water pumps can be quite noisy when used. But when you start hearing a strange grinding, squeaking, or ticking sound coming from it than usual, it may indicate that your pump's bearing is worn. You may fix it by replacing the bearing, or you may opt to replace the whole pump if you have to.

Shortened Water Cycle

A water pump usually runs for approximately one to two minutes to put pressure in the system. When your pump gets on and off for a shorter period than usual, that means you have a water pump short cycling. A shortened water cycle is caused by not having an adequate air charge in the tank or having too much air in the water tank. Aside from that, it is also caused by having a water supply piping blockage.

To fix this, you may turn off the water pump, repair the tank's air volume control, pump air into the water tank, drain the water, and then pump air again into the tank. If you are not sure of what you are doing, the safest way to fix it is to ask for help from experts or professionals.

The Water Pump Won't Stop Running

If your home's water pump won't stop running, this indicates that there are leaks in the system's pipes or your water supply is empty. If these were the case, you must repair the leaks and ensure that the source of your water, such as the well or the water tank, has enough supply of water in it.

The Faucet Produces Sputtering Water

A malfunctioning water pump usually results in producing sputtering water when you turn on the faucet. Sputtering water is caused by having too much air in the system. In fixing this, you must hire a pump system or well repair company since the water source must be pulled.

There Is No Water In The House

Have you experienced waking up with absolutely no water at home? Quite a hassle, right? When this happens, you must check on your water pump system, specifically its electrical panel and pressure tank. Try to turn on your pump if it is off, but if it is still on and the pump is not running, you must immediately call a professional to help you fix it.


It is essential and necessary to have a functioning water pump system at home. Without it, there would be no supply of water that we can use in our day-to-day life. Since it is utilized every day, water pump system problems that are mentioned above can inevitably arise. When that happens, hiring a pump system repair company is the right step to take in fixing them.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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    1. I like how you mentioned that a squeaking noise can mean that a pump's bearing is worn down. My uncle is complaining about the noises his pump is making at his property. He should hire a professional to repair his pump before it gets worse.

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