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7 Ideas To Add More Value To Your Home

By Guest Author | March 27, 2013

Your home is one of the most important investments of your life. But no matter if you intend to stay there forever or you plan to make a move sometime, it’s critical that that you do whatever it takes to increase the value of your property. Face facts, even if you don't plan on moving right now, it's impossible to know what the future will hold. If ever there comes a time when you need to put your home on the market, then you need to be sure that it fetches the highest possible price.

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Below are some of tips to make selling your home the best investment you’ve ever made.

1. Repair everything that needs fixing

The first step is to fix every leak, clogs, holes, tears and other weaknesses your house has. All homebuyers are on the lookout for soft spots like this that gives them an excuse to make a lowball offer. If you’re unable to attend to the smaller problems before selling your home, then surely the value will be lessened.

2. Paint, paint, paint

Make your house by adding a lick of paint. There’s nothing better than walking into a house and seeing it bright, polished and looks as fresh as it can get. Also pay attention to the color scheme, matching the colors with the interior décor of your home for the best possible effect.

3. Add a deck

Not only does a deck out in the yard add to your foot square, it also appeals more to home buyers who enjoy having guests over. A deck is the perfect place to host social gatherings, so if your home is viable for one (and your budget permits it), then by all means have one added.

4. Polish your lawn

Curb appeal makes a big difference when it comes to your home's value. You’ll want to give potential buyers a great first impression, so that when they pull over to visit your home they'll immediately be taken back by just how attractive the home looks from the outside.

Your lawn is one of the first things people see.

So try to polish it up a bit and maybe get one of the many [used John Deere tractors for sale at] Fastline to make sure it looks nothing short of a well-trimmed, green and inviting area.

5. Make room

One of the top criteria among homebuyers and real estate agents these days is a home with a decent amount of space to move around. Nowadays, buyers are looking for homes that don’t have much division between the living room, kitchen and dining area.

If you can knock out a non-structural wall or two, it will free up a lot of space and present a better flow from one area to another.

6. Go for energy-efficient appliances

This move can benefit you in two ways: First, it can save you a lot of money with your energy bills, and second, it adds a lot more value and appeal once your home is out on the market.

It's a bit of a pricy investment, but energy-saving appliances are well worth it in the long run. If you can push it as far as having your house fully solar-powered, you’re sure to pull in a lot more than what you paid for it.

7. Fix your floor

Real estate experts say that you don’t need to spend too much on fixing your floor. In fact, just $600 should give you a return value of about $2,000. Not too bad, right? So keep in mind that a few well placed nails to get rid of the squeaking, and patching out damaged floors can greatly add to your home’s value.

Before you sell your house in the market, make sure it is worth the investment. Keep these tips in mind if you ever decide that the time has come to cash in on your biggest investment.


About the author: Kole Tesamon loves coming home to a cozy space after a long day of work. Apart from sharing tips for better living, she works as a freelance writer for a stay cable company that helps build great structures at maximum strength and with minimum construction materials.

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