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7 Things That Should Be In Good Working Order Before You Sell Your Home

By Mike Wheatley | September 26, 2021

If you are thinking about selling your home, there are some things that need to be in good working order before you put it on the market. You do not want to be told by a potential buyer that they can't buy your house because something needs to be fixed first. Here are seven things that should be in good working order before you sell your home.

1. The Drains Should Be Running Freely

There is nothing worse than showing a potential buyer your home and having them ask to use the bathroom. Of course, you will say yes, only to find out that it is running slowly or not flushing at all. This can be very embarrassing for anyone, but nobody wants to buy a house with dirty drains. If something needs to be fixed with the drain tile camera inspection, make sure it is fixed before putting your home up for sale.

2. The Electrical System Should Be Working

Do you have a room in your home that is constantly getting too hot or cold? When you turn on the light switch, do some of the lights flicker or go out? This can be a sign that there are greater problems with your electrical system. If this problem continues over time, you can burn out and damage your main circuit board and controls. Most likely, the only thing you will need to replace is the control box or buy circuit breakers. Replacing the main circuit board requires an electrician and can be very expensive. If you have problems with your electrical system, make sure that you hire an electrician like the professional electrician in Turlock, CA to fix it as soon as possible before selling your home. You also might want to consider visiting for more info.

3. Repair Kitchen Appliances That Are Broken

If you have a broken appliance in your home, especially the kitchen appliances such as a stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator, I would suggest to hire an appliance repair technician and get it fixed or replaced. When it comes to fixing the refrigerator the help of a sub zero refrigerator repair company could be useful. There is nothing worse than showing your potential buyers a home and having them ask to see the kitchen. When they open up the fridge and find mold, bad odors, or something is broken, they may not want to buy your home. This can also affect the value of your home, so it's good to be proactive and replace the appliances before offering the house for sale.

4. Paint Walls With Neutral Colors

Most home buyers are not going to want to paint your walls when they move in. If you have a room that has dark or bold colors, it will be overlooked by most potential home buyers. It would be a good idea to get the dark or bold colors painted over before selling your house. Even if the painting is done professionally and looks great, there is still the possibility that the new owners will paint it their own way.

5. Fix or Replace Wood Floors

One of the first things people notice when they walk into your home is your floors. If you have wood floors, but they are scratched, dinged up, and have water damage, this will not attract many buyers. This can also affect the value of your home, so I would suggest either getting the wood floors repaired and refinished or replacing them. Wood floors in good condition add a lot of charm and character to any home.

6. Repair or Replace Carpets

Carpets show a lot of signs of age, and most potential buyers can see these. If you have carpets in your home that look worn down, stained, or discolored, this will turn off many buyers. I would suggest either getting the carpets professionally cleaned and repaired or replaced with new hardwood floors. If this is not an option, you can get small area rugs for the living room and hallways to help spruce up the home.

7. Fix or Replace Windows

If any windows in your house need to be repaired, such as cracks or chips, I would suggest getting them fixed before trying to sell your home. When you put your house up for sale, the first thing most buyers do is walk around outside and check out the home's exterior. If they see broken or cracked windows, it's not going to make a good impression on them.

If you are planning on selling your home, make sure it is clean before showing it to potential buyers. Even if the home is dirty or needs work, it is important to get everything fixed as soon as possible. If you have an issue with one room, in particular, such as a bathroom or kitchen, it would be worth it to get them fixed before showing your home.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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