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8 Things to Know Before You Move to Texas

By Jamie Richardson | November 1, 2019

Texans are proud of their state and there’s plenty of reasons for them to appreciate all that it offers. From rich history to amazing BBQ to affordable housing rates, Texas is a state that offers something for everyone. And so it goes without saying that many newcomers arrive in the state on a daily basis, ready to enjoy the luxuries found nowhere else in the U.S. Before you make the Texas move, familiarize yourself with the area and get to know what to expect.


Cheaper Electric Bills

Texas is one of the few states that offer unregulated electricity providers. There is a lot of competition and deals are available to sway you into a company. Texas is ranked 10th cheapest electric rates in the nation, so get ready to enjoy lower than average utility costs.

It’s Hot in Texas

You can expect hot, humid, sticky days anywhere in the state, but some areas are hotter than others, with many August days soaring well above the 95-degree mark. If you’re Texas-bound, make sure heat is something that you’re ready to face throughout much of the year.

A Nature-Lover’s Paradise

Texas is full of parks, hiking trails, lakes and beaches, and many other outdoor activities for anyone who enjoys a great adventure. Galveston Island, Caprock Canyons, Big Thicket National Preserve, and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area are among the stops Texans enjoy most.

Don’t Knock the BBQ

BBQ is a big deal in Texas, from Lubbock to Dallas to Houston and every city and town in between. If you aren’t a fan, many other foodie options exist, especially in the larger cities. However, getting away from BBQ -and the enthusiasts who indulge their waking hours into it, will never happen in this state.

Taxes in Texas

Paying taxes isn’t something we enjoy, but do so to avoid spending time in prison. You’ll get a break from taxes in Texas since there is no state income tax and a low state sales tax. Keep in mind that some cities/counties add a sales tax to the state rate, which may cause the local sales tax to be higher than normal. Property taxes in Texas are also steep -holding claim for some of the most expensive in the U.S.

God Blessed Texas With Guns -And Proud Gun Owners

Guns and gun owners are a way of life in Texas. Wherever you go, seeing proud gun owners toting their weapons isn't unusual. In fact, you’ll see it more often than you may realize at this moment. Do follow all of the rules of gun ownership if you plan to join your fellow Lone Star comrades upon arrival and buy a weapon. Consider gun classes before you buy a firearm and gun ammunition. You must familiarize yourself with different ammunition especially if you will start collecting guns. Furthermore, you may get yourself a pistol silencer and other accessories.

Rich in History

Texas is rich in history, whether you’re interested in learning more about the wars of the past and the men who battled in them or want to go back even further and discover dinosaur fossils. Texas has an abundance of rich history sure to interest all newcomers to the state. Even people who aren't interested in history will find that the state has so many interesting details that it's hard not wanting to know more.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football is a way of life in Texas. If you aren't a football fan, now is a good time to learn to appreciate the touchdowns a little bit more. From College to the NFL, men and women and children throughout the state are diehard fans of the game and aren't afraid to show their game-day spirit. If you are a Cowboys fan, a Texas A&M fan or enjoy any of the other teams in the state, you’ll fit in well with the crowd.

Moving to Texas is one of the most exciting moves you'll ever make, but make sure you learn as much as possible about the great state before you pack your bags. Texas is not the average state and there is nothing ordinary about this great move. The information above is just the beginning of fun Texas information important to know to ensure a great life in the Lone Star state.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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    1. Good article but one big thing to know about in Texas are the great music venues from large stadiums to back road honky-tonks.

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