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9 Staging Tips To Sell Your Property Quickly

By Mike Wheatley | February 18, 2022

Staging refers to a method of property preparation for sale on the real estate market. Staging is a good way of showcasing a property's best assets, impressing the buyers, and selling it faster for the highest possible price. For better results, you may hire a home staging real estate agent.

No homeowner wants to settle for more extended marketing periods or lower selling prices when selling a home. Proper home staging allows you to show off the property's best features. It also allows you to turn weird and empty spaces into usable spaces. You can eliminate the chances of the buyer seeing many problems associated with the house, hence lowering the price or declining to purchase the property.

To quickly sell your property, you can try negotiating a cash offer on a home with companies that can take it as-is. However, the following staging tips may be appropriate for you:

  1. Cleaning

Keeping a clean home shows the potential buyers that the property has been in good hands. Cleaning has to be done in all the house components, from floors to ceilings. The main aim of keeping a clean house is to make everything look brand new.

If there are no new kitchen appliances, it’d be best to ensure that the current ones are kept spotless. The bathroom should also be kept clean, from the tubs to the sink drain and hidden spots behind the toilet.

  1. Decluttering

Clutter can distract a buyer from the features of your property and can also make your property seem to have less space. Therefore, it would be wise to box up the items you rarely need into storage.

Home staging would be the appropriate time to get rid of the clothes and toys your kids have outgrown. The more unused space you have, the bigger your property seems to be.

  1. Depersonalizing

Buyers should have the opportunity to envision themselves as property owners. Therefore, removing all the keepsakes, refrigerator art, and family photos is essential when showing your home to buyers. It's also good to ensure that clothes are hidden away, and the bathroom counters are kept empty.

Also, toys and other highly personal materials should be kept away, allowing the buyer to visualize how the property can be after owning it.

  1. Defining Rooms

It's also crucial to ensure that all the rooms and spaces have defined purposes. It helps the buyers see how to make the most of the property's square footage. You can transform a finished attic into an office, a finished basement into an entertainment room, and a junk room into a guest bedroom.

The buyer might not be interested in using the room for similar purposes but has to see that every inch of the property is a usable space. This includes window seats, alcoves, breakfast nooks, corners, and other significant areas.

  1. Painting And Wallpaper

It's unlikely for a buyer to like your paint color or wallpaper. Therefore, it would be clever to tear down the wallpaper and apply neutral-colored paint to your walls. Applying paint over the wallpaper wouldn’t be a good idea since it would look shabby and might signal the buyer about the work to be done later on.

  1. Flooring

No one would want to live in a property with stained carpets, especially if the damage was done by someone else. Therefore, it would be brilliant to have hardwood flooring that's easy to maintain, durable, and easily carpeted over by the buyer and still serve the next owner. 

The focus points in adding hardwood floors should be your living room, kitchen, and dining room. The bathrooms should also be upgraded since they cover a small floor area, hence won't cost much.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is a crucial home staging factor that you need to consider selling your property quickly. When showing your home, it's vital to take advantage of the natural light by opening all curtains and blinds—switching on all the lights and adding fixtures where necessary can make your home brighter and more welcoming. If your existing fixtures are working properly, it's crucial to dust them and wipe off any grime to make them shine.

  1. Ceilings And Walls

Cracks in the ceilings or walls are red flags to potential buyers since they might indicate foundation problems. Therefore, it’d be wise to fix any issues associated with your home's foundation. However, if an inspector deems your foundation as having no problems, repairing the cracks would ensure your potential buyers aren't scared off.

  1. Exterior 

The first impression always matters. Therefore, curb appeal can impact how interested a buyer can be in viewing inside your property. Your lawn, trees, hedges, and other plants should be neatly pruned. You may hire a tree trimming and tree removal service for this.

The sidewalk leading to the house should also be kept clean. If there are any cracks on the sidewalk or driveway, you may want to hire an asphalt paving company to repair them. You can purchase new doormats for your front and back doors. Adding furniture to your backyard can be another clever way of making the most of your exterior space.


A quick home sale can be hectic and stressful. Selling a home as-is to a cash buyer can be easier to sell it quickly. However, staging the property can enhance its appeal, making it more costly. The tips above can take you through some staging ideas to increase your home's worth for a quicker sale.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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