Adwerx makes it easier than ever to target your ads

Commercial estate agents looking to bolster their online presence can do so with targeted advertising via Adwerx, a new web-based platform that gets your property or brand before the right audience with just a few clicks.


The platform allows real estate pros to have their ads appear on top sites like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, MSN and many more, using ad templates or their own pre-designed advertisements.

Once an ad has been uploaded to Adwerx, the platform uses algorithms to expose it to the right audience – for example, those residing in specific zip code areas who may be interested in buying commercial real estate. The site offers one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to advertise real estate brands and bolster their market presence, and can also get ads onto Facebook user’s feeds in the requested area. For those targeting millennials, the ads are more likely to pop up in mobile apps.

When it comes to commercial real estate, the more you know, the better. However, the goal is to let people interested in buying or selling property know that you have tremendous knowledge, experience, and expertise associated with this market. With Adwerx, this is exactly what you accomplish. The opportunity for lead generation with this solution is tremendous.

As companies and people in your CRM database scour the internet, search Facebook, and use various mobile applications, Adwerx will keep you in the forefront. This means that you provide your clients with a gentle reminder that you are, in fact, the commercial real estate professional to turn to. You also have an opportunity to get a significant number of referrals without even asking for them.

Adwerx also serves as a recruiting platform, allowing commercial real estate firms to tell their story, and advertise specific openings that will only be seen by individuals who meet specific criteria.

Clearly, Adwerx offers tremendous value to commercial real estate pros. Instead of wasting precious time chasing up leads or searching for new hires, it provides a one-stop shop to do it all.

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