Agents highlight great restaurants to sell nearby homes

The latest sales tactic trending among real estate agents is to use nearby restaurants to market homes, according to a new report in

Real estate agent George Graham told the website that “having great food options” nearby a home can provide a big advantage in trying to sell that property. As such, Graham is always quick to inform prospective buyers of a home’s close proximity to great eats, restaurants and shopping.

“[Agents] not only are selling a house, but they’re also selling a community,” agreed Alexander Boylan, a Minneapolis-based real estate agent. Boylan added that he often advertises nearby restaurants as a selling point for a home because it shows the walkability of a neighborhood.

Agents also increasingly like to point out a home’s proximity to five-star restaurants during open houses, and on their listings descriptions, reported. For example, Elizabeth Weintraub, a seller’s agent in Sacramento, California, said she often refers to her favorite local restaurants in her blog.

She penned a recent post about a Mexican eatery near to one of her listings, noting that: “The location is perfect. Imagine living a half-block away from William Land Park. It is also close to Starbucks and a terrific Mexican restaurant with outdoor dining, Dali’s Kitchen. … The point is, if I lived at this home with a view of William Land Park, I would be dining almost nightly at Dali’s Kitchen.”

Another tactic employed by some agents is to actually meet prospective buyers at restaurants nearby the property they’re interested in, as a way of showing off the local community.

“Sometimes, when I have a first-time client meeting and I know they want to be in a certain area, we’ll meet at the coffee shop or the local restaurant, and I’ll tell them, ‘This is a part of the community,’” says Boylan. “That is a selling point for the community they want to be in.”

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