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Amazing Uses for Baby Wipes You Had No Idea About

By Jamie Richardson | November 6, 2019

If you have young children, then you most likely have baby wipes in the house as well. Perfect for cleaning up your little one from head to toe, baby wipes are always useful to have in the house. Did you know that they are also the perfect multi-purpose cleaning product?

Baby wipes for your makeup

Baby wipes are the perfect wipe for cleaning up after your makeup routine. One of the easiest ways to clean your nails after polishing them is by going over them with a baby wipe. If you make a small mistake, just have a few wipes near you, and you'll be able to correct it in no time.

Baby wipes are also perfect as a makeup remover. Some people spend a fortune on makeup removers, but baby wipes can do the job just as well and are less expensive. They are designed to be easy on your skin, which is what most people need when removing their makeup, and are great for getting rid of eyeliner and mascara after a long day.

Another great reason to have baby wipes around when you're getting ready for a night out is for wiping away stray drops of hair dye. When you're doing your roots or even dying your whole head, it's common for the dye to end up in places you weren't expecting. Use a baby wipe to clean up any drips that escape your head, and to wipe away the dye on your hairline and neck.

Baby wipes for cleaning around the house

Another way that baby wipes are handy is for general cleaning around the house. This tip comes from Maid2Match in Canberra, which suggests that you can use baby wipes in a pinch to clean worktops and tables. Baby wipes have anti-bacterial qualities but contain no harmful chemicals, making them perfect for spot cleaning around the kitchen and living room.

A creative use for baby wipes is to clean the dust off your houseplants. These can sit for months gathering dust, and need something mild that isn't going to harm the plant. This is where the baby wipe comes down. Try to give the leaves, and then the pot, a quick run over and see them shine.

You often have your pack of baby wipes just lying in the house, and this is a good idea because they are perfect for cleaning up a small spill quickly. If you or a slightly clumsy member of your household makes a small stain with either a drink or food, then whip out the wipes for easy clean-up. Anything, from juice to chili, can be cleaned up without any staining. 

If you have a leather sofa, this is another ideal candidate for the baby wipe clean. Take a couple of wipes and go over the leather sofa. The slight dampness of the wipe will help to pick up any dust particles and make your sofa look bright and clean again in no time.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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