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Animal Control in Florida Residential Real Estate

By Allison Halliday | August 29, 2019

If there was one thing that people always wanted, it is to own a house. It is a convenience for everyone in your family if you already own one. You do not need to transfer from place to place, which saves you a lot of money. This would also lessen the stress that your family will experience during the transfer. Having your own home would also cement your place in the community. Being known in the community offers familiarity that would actually help your family grow and develop. There would always be hostile situations but you would also gain a lot of friends while staying in one community. You will feel safe knowing that you and your children are dealing with the familiar crowd.

Welcome to Florida

However, there are certain advantages when moving to another home. It would be a new life and experience for both you and your family. You are not going to be stuck to that same mentality that your previous community had. You would also be open to new situations that would challenge you and your family. Although there are times that it’s going to be tough, it would also help you grow as a family. You would also be open to more situations which would be beneficial to all of you. Moving might be expensive, but sometimes it can be worth it. Read more about this here.

Whether you are moving to another house or staying where you are, it is very important to maintain and take care of it. Cleaning should be done in a routine and on a regular basis as well. There are a lot of areas in the house which can be very vulnerable if not cleaned all the time. These are the places where you stay for longer periods of time like in the bedrooms and living rooms. The restroom should also be cleaned properly as you do most of the activities here half or fully naked. You wouldn’t want to take a bath on a dirty floor, right?

If you are living in Florida right now, chances are you have experienced the heat. Sometimes it can be so excruciatingly hot that the only thing you could do to cool down is to stick your head in the fridge. This is not very safe though, so you shouldn’t try it. However, some people actually did and they said it was great for a while. Then you will realize that your bills are going up so you close the fridge door and fan yourself till the afternoon. Air conditioning units would work just fine, but sometimes they are not enough anymore. This is why the Florida heat is so legendary.

However, there is also another problem that Floridians face in the house: animals. There are a lot of wildlife here in Florida. Some of them can actually live under the sun just fine. There are cases though that they would try to find shelter in houses because of the cooler temperature. This has led to some interesting situations such as that one guy burning down his house because of a “giant spider”. He made an improvised flamethrower just to get rid of it. There are also cases that led to destruction of property just because of a stray animal. Some of them can be dangerous, but that’s not an excuse to damage your own house.

Boa Constrictor

If you find wildlife on your backyard, here are some tips that can help you avoid destroying your home in the process.

  1. Know The Animal And Call For Wildlife Control Immediately

Once you see a wild animal in your premises, vacate the area and call for animal control services immediately. One of the first questions that they would ask you is what type of animal did you see. You can always say general terms like a snake, raccoon, alligator or a crocodile. This would help them prepare their equipment to secure the animal as there are varying ways of controlling different species. If anybody was injured, also contact emergency services. They might need anti-venom or other specific medicine for animal bites.

  • Do Not Corner Or Hurt The Animal. If It Is Hurt, Try Not To Touch Or Provoke It

Remember, any kind of animal will bite back if harmed or trapped against its own will. If it is a predatory animal like a snake or croc, then the danger is even more apparent. Sometimes it would just scamper on its own and run away like most raccoons would if they are rummaging your trash bins. However, if it is a dangerous animal, you already need to call the authorities. There are many cases wherein people got hurt because they attempted to touch a wild animal. Some even died because of a venomous snake bite because they didn’t notice it until it was too late.

Florida Alligator
  • Be Calm And Make Sure That The Animal Stays Where You First Found It.

One of the worst things to do when encountering a wild animal in your home is to panic and try to kill it. Often times, this would lead to your own detriment. Stay calm, and be aware of your own surroundings. Stay away from the animal’s line of sight as you may provoke it to attack. However, always keep an eye as to where it is in your house. This would also help the wildlife services in trapping it once they arrive.

  • Children Should Be Kept Away From These Animals.

This should always be the case when wild animals are in your area. Children are curious creatures, but sometimes their curiosity can lead to a world of hurt. Once you know that a certain wild animal is in your house, try to keep your children out from the area. They are small and sometimes can be mistakenly seen as prey by some of these animals. You can also try distracting them if they had seen the animal and they want to touch it. Better yet, educate them about the animals and let them out of harm’s way.

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
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