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Tech and Luxury Items are Helping to Sell New Homes

By Allison Halliday | August 8, 2019

More homes on the market throughout late 2019 feature high-tech and luxury items than ever before. Things like smart thermostats and HVAC systems, self-cleaning pools, surveillance cameras, finger-print locks, home elevators, and "smart" doors are becoming commonplace in some developments. Here's a look at several of these new items that are changing the housing market into a futuristic reality:

real estate technology trends

Finger-print Locks

One of the biggest trends in the home security field right now, finger-print locks are both practical and have the ability to add a touch of "James Bond" mystique to any home. Still a bit on the pricey side, users can set the locks for simple key entry, finger-print-only entry, or both. The technology has long been used in the business sector in time clocks for high-security workers. Now that it's made its way to the home market, there's no stopping this hot trend.

Surveillance Systems

No longer an add-on, surveillance systems are coming built-in to many new homes. Mini-cameras, digitally-alarmed windows and doors, and even heat-sensitive rooms that can detect the presence of "unauthorized" visitors are all the rage in the upscale housing market. Because in-home camera systems have dropped in price and are easy to install, some developers are offering them as an "option" for buyers who choose from a menu of features they want in a new home. The same way you'd opt for a moon-roof or in-car video screens, you can now pick cameras, smart locks and sophisticated alarm systems for a new home.

Smart Doors

Smart doors are a huge selling point for some home sellers. Millennials, who account for about 45 percent of all new home purchases, are concerned about safety more than any other group of buyers. That's just one reason special safety features like smart doors are a popular item in new housing developments all over the U.S. Many smart doors include cameras that use facial recognition software to identify owners and authorized users. Others are more low-tech and simply include coded locks that also respond to voice commands.

Home Elevators

Once a rarity, home elevators are making a big splash in new developments, especially among Baby Boomer buyers. But, younger folks, too, are opting for in-home elevators for reasons of safety, enhanced resale value and convenience. Home elevators give people an option besides staircases, which is ideal for homeowners who are disabled, have a fear of falling or want to transport small children safely from floor to floor.

Self-cleaning Pools

These wonders of modern science have been around for a few years but have recently dropped in price and enjoyed supportive marketing from industry sources. Anyone who owns a pool knows how tough it can be to maintain it. Self-cleaning systems take most of the drudgery out of keeping the family's watery retreat clean and fresh. Real estate agents have been realizing the sales power of homes that include these labor-saving devices. Pools have always been an iffy feature for home-sellers. Some buyers are turned off by pools because they consider them to be a hassle. But saying to a prospect, "The pool has a high-tech self-cleaning system" defuses many of those doubts.

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.
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