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5 Email Marketing Trends Agents Should Watch

By Adrian Fisher | April 9, 2020
Email marketing is an essential strategy for businesses across all sectors, and the real estate industry is no exception. Agents rely heavily on email marketing to connect with prospects and grow their business. Email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to Emarsys, 81% of small and midsize businesses rely on email marketing as a […]
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Real Estate Marketing

How Agents Can Create a Real Estate Blog

By Adrian Fisher | March 31, 2020
Creating a real estate blog is one of the most cost-effective ways for agents to attract and retain clients. By consistently producing content, agents can increase their web traffic and generate new leads over time. According to the 2019 Annual Blogging Survey by Orbit Media, 81% of bloggers cite that they receive positive results from […]
Real Estate Marketing

Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Chatbots and How to Get Started

By Adrian Fisher | February 25, 2020
According to, the real estate sector leads the list of the top five industries profiting from chatbots. Agents not using chatbots are undoubtedly missing out on one opportunity to grow their real estate business.  Generating leads in real estate is challenging. In today’s digital age, most clients begin the process of buying or selling […]
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Why Agents Should Focus on Hyperlocal Targeting on Social Media Ads

By Adrian Fisher | January 24, 2020
When deploying social media advertising, agents often make the mistake of casting a wide net to capture potential clients. Targeting too broad of an area can result in poor ad relevance and lead to unqualified leads as well as wasted time and money. Using hyperlocal targeting, however, ensures the right people see the right social […]
Real Estate Technology

iBuyers: What Agents Need to Know and How They Can Compete with Them

By Adrian Fisher | November 6, 2019
iBuyers are emerging in cities across the nation. As the trend grows, so does the concern among real estate agents worried that iBuyers will reduce the need for agents. An iBuyer is a company that uses technology to make sellers an offer on their home instantly. Their goal is to purchase a property quickly and […]
Real Estate Marketing

5 Educational Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Agents

By Adrian Fisher | August 8, 2019
Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions a person can make. Naturally, trust in a real estate agent remains crucial. In 2018, the National Association of Realtors found that buyers worked with an agent 87% of the time to find their home. Although the initial process may start online, home buyers ultimately […]
Real Estate Marketing

Why Real Estate Agents Must have a Content Marketing Strategy in 2019

By Adrian Fisher | February 27, 2019
Content marketing is an excellent tactic to bring in new, qualified leads. It’s also a broad term used to describe the sharing of online materials, such as blogs, social media posts, or emails, to garner user interest in a product or service. For real estate agents, content marketing is crucial. Content marketing gets three times […]
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