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Three Common Types Of Boilers

By Dean Signori | January 11, 2020
Many take having a boiler system in their homes for granted not paying proper attention to its maintenance and upkeep. It’s just one of those things in the house that you don’t even give a second thought to...until it breaks down. Then everyone is on Google researching about Boiler Repair and how to keep themselves […]
Real Estate Resource

Guide to Subsidence and Subsidence Insurance

By Dean Signori | October 20, 2019
The likelihood of subsidence, heave or landslip is veritably among a property owner’s worst fears. Gradual, or even sudden, downward movement of the building sinking (or “subsiding”) into the ground, a phenomenon that is not related to the weight of the structure, can have a bearing on the site, much beyond the groundwork. How does […]
Real Estate Resource

Construction Companies: How to Get the Best Work from Them

By Dean Signori | July 25, 2019
The idea of designing and building your own home is exhilarating. You’ve probably pinned your Pinterest board with tons of unique ideas—from cool paint palettes to the latest trends in interior design and landscaping. You really can’t wait to start! But no matter how much you want to do this project on your own, reality […]

Enjoy Your Retirement Years with a Reverse Mortgage

By Dean Signori | July 20, 2019
Is retirement is just around the corner for you and you are planning all the wonderful things you can do with your free time, vacations, grandkids, hobbies, home improvements and travel? But even though you have paid off your mortgage, cash may be a little bit tight to do many of the things you want? […]
Industry Technology

5 Ways Technology Is Changing the Face of Home Security

By Dean Signori | July 19, 2019
Home security has come a long way since the simple alarm system. With technology paving the way for smarter homes and even smarter security, there's a lot more to expect these days when it comes to guarding your home against thieves. From long-range night vision and 1080p HD resolution to ultra wide angles and listen-in […]
Real Estate Technology

Using Emotion Detection Technology in the world of Real Estate

By Dean Signori | July 19, 2019
Could a machine find you the perfect house simply by analysing your facial expressions? With the exponential growth and development of Artificial Intelligence this is becoming a reality. Machines can now detect emotion with a 90% accuracy rating, and this has many implications for the real estate market, for both buyers and sellers. Emotion Recognition […]
US Real Estate

Tiny Houses; A New Real Estate Boom?

By Dean Signori | July 11, 2019
The tiny house movement is really taking off across America and it’s making headway in Europe. There are some amazing tiny house designs out there, fully functional houses with many mod cons- just tiny versions that make great use of space. The small house movement is primarily a social movement, but is architecturally important too. […]
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