About Gabriele Lengwin

Gabriele is Director of Social Media and an Executive Assistant at Capital Value S.A. in Luxembourg. She is also holds a BA from University of Applied Sciences in Trier in languages and international studies.

Stable Investment Advice 2016

With each new year Germans, like every other nationality, have many New Year resolutions concerning their jobs, health or private lives. However change oriented their dreams may be though, a lot stays the same for their private finances. Here are some steadfast trends that will continue for many investors.

Tough Times Ahead for the Gulf States

In future the Gulf States will be forced to learn how to save, to be more economical. The citizens of these Arab states will also have to make adjustments to upcoming changes. The main reason for this is the slump in the oil prices. This and other factors will have a significant impact on the growth of these countries, and in turn, investments and profit or loss as well. The situation in the Middle East is a cautionary tale of a gold rush struggling not to go bust.

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