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Skip the Prelisting Appraisal; Hire the Appraiser as a Consultant

By Hank Miller | July 15, 2013
Should a home seller get a pre-listing appraisal? Only if its usefulness is kept in context, otherwise, it’s likely to be a waste of money. As both an active certified appraiser and associate broker I always try to find why the question was asked before answering it. Many times, having an appraiser as a “consultant” is far better than having them complete just an appraisal.
Some argue that inexperienced or out of town appraisers are to blame for low appraisals.
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Is It Wise for Buyers to Waive the Appraisal Contingency?

By Hank Miller | April 18, 2013
Is it wise to waive the appraisal contingency as a buyer? The appraisal topic continues to cause agitation among many in the home buying process, but is the answer to eliminate it? Current markets operating in the present environment: appraisals operate with historic data; a conflict right out of the gate.
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What Is A Real Estate Expert ?

By Hank Miller | April 11, 2013
What is an expert? Is there any other field as rich in “experts” as real estate? "Golf course expert, lakefront expert, Atlanta real estate expert, first time buyer expert, short sale expert"; after a while expert loses its punch. Real estate agents love the term, but what actually constitutes expertise in a certain field?
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“They” Say – So it Must Be True, Right?

By Hank Miller | April 1, 2013
Where does the line between empirical research and hyperbole exist? “Research shows” or “Data Proves” are frequently the opening line to something that ends up making a reader wonder just how “they” know that and if that certain conclusion can really be supported.
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How Do You Define a Neighborhood?

By Hank Miller | March 21, 2013
What constitutes a neighborhood? Are the terms neighborhood and market area synonymous? How are these defined? That definition is incredibly subjective and incredibly important because value in real estate hinges on location, and location usually means neighborhood and neighborhood means….
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Is It What You Know or Who You Know?

By Hank Miller | March 5, 2013
There's no hard data to indicate how many friendships have been impacted by real estate transactions gone wrong, but Google the saying “never do business with your friends” and you'll soon agree it's probably not such a good idea.
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Challenging Low Appraisals: Think Like An Appraiser!

By Hank Miller | February 27, 2013
Problems with “low” appraisals continue to be an issue, and even more so in markets where home values appear to be on the rise. A rising market moves faster than the appraisals; consider that appraisers are required to use only closed sales
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