Tips For Boosting Your Home's Value

By Shanea Patterson | October 10, 2022
Anyone who is about to sell their home will want to get as much as they can for it. Some homes will be very high in price, others may be less so. However, not everyone is aware that you can boost the value of your home.  Here’s how:  Paint Your Home  Painting your home is […]
housing market
US Real Estate

Is the Housing Market Sustainable?

By Shanea Patterson | July 7, 2022
With interest rates and inflation both on the rise, the US housing market has recently taken a hit. In fact, the cost of buying a home jumped more than 20% this April compared to the same month in 2021. It’s no secret that in recent yes, the real estate market has become increasingly more unstable than it […]
Real Estate Agents, Realtors

10 Steps to Becoming a Great Real Estate Agent

By Shanea Patterson | May 23, 2022
Becoming a real estate agent is one thing. Becoming a great one is another. But the truth is that you won’t become a great real estate agent overnight. It takes time and experience to become one. But there are things you can do to speed up the process. Take a look at our ten steps […]
Vancouver Canada
Featured News, Market Watch

What to Know About Canada’s Top 20 Real Estate Agencies

By Shanea Patterson | May 19, 2022
Making the decision to join a real estate agency or purchase a home is a big decision - one that takes time and patience. That’s why it’s worth considering some of the top agencies in Canada. Here’s what to know about Canada’s top 20 real estate agencies. Canada’s Top 20 Real Estate Agencies 1. CBRE […]
Featured News

Relocating to London here's is the average Rental Cost

By Shanea Patterson | April 18, 2022
If you’re considering a move to London, it’ll help to know how much you’re going to be spending on rent and other expenses beforehand. That way, you can ensure you don’t overextend yourself when it comes to your finances. Here’s a closer look at how much rent is per month in London, England based on […]
Home Buying

The Rising Cost of Home Ownership

By Shanea Patterson | March 15, 2022
Millions of homebuyers flooded the housing market in 2021. Low mortgage rates plus a low supply of homes across the country made 2021 a great year to buy a home, which explains the surge in demand. However, that (coupled with the coronavirus-inspired flight from heavily populated urban areas to smaller cities) made the cost of […]
Real Estate Class Room
Real Estate Agents, Realtors

How to Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent

By Shanea Patterson | February 3, 2022
Starting a career as a real estate agent can be a fun and exciting experience. But many people don’t realize exactly what goes into starting a career as a real estate agent. So below we’ve outlined all of the necessary steps to becoming a real estate agent so that you’ll know the exact path to […]
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