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Ten Sizzling Interior Designs for Your Bathroom

By Nicole Zieseniss | January 17, 2022

Let's be honest: Hardly any other room offers as many options for your well-deserved wellness program as the bathroom. This is where we rinse the stress of the day from our body, where we treat skin and hair with fragrant care creams, rinses, and conditioners. This is where we don't care about appointments or to-do lists, where we deal with absolutely nothing but ourselves. Reason enough to pay more attention to the interior design of our feel-good oasis.

Ten Sizzling Interior Designs For Your Bathroom

1) Whirlpoll Bathtubs – Bathe As If You Were In A Spa

A hot bath can be so soothing – and now just imagine how pleasant it gets in a bathtub that is equipped with state-of-the-art motors and nozzles! With Residential Walk-in bathtubs or a 67 jets swim spa, you can enjoy a gentle massage while you’re bathing, and then simply drain the water without any complications.

woman in a whirlpool bathtub
A whirlpool tub is a spa at home.

2) Walk-In Showers – Open And Glass-Free

Imagine: You have just enjoyed a pleasant shower and you’re feeling completely refreshed, but before you can get out of the shower and get dressed, you have to clean it first. Dried water droplets on the glass or plastic walls will leave nasty spots, so don't waste time! However, open and glass-free showers relieve you of this additional work – and create a special interior design that is reminiscent of vacation and luxury resorts.

walk-in rain showers
Walk-in rain showers with LED light effects: an inspired idea for bathroom interior design in 2022.

3) And Even Better: Rain Showers With LED Lighting Mounted In The Ceiling

In case the open shower is not enough for you, you can rely on gentle rain showers hidden in the ceiling. Only when you let the water run, the built-in light-emitting diodes will spread their atmospheric light and provide your bathroom with a mystical ambiance. Your guests will talk about such a bathroom design for a very long time!

4) Designer Washbasins Deviate From Traditional Shapes

The normal sink is boring – although the classic white has now been replaced by colored variants. Designer washbasins, however, deviate from this monotony and play with the properties of water: What would you think of a washbasin that looks like a waterfall, for example? Or whose shapes remind you of a falling drop of water?

designer sink
Designer sinks add a plus of class to your DIY home improvement projects.

5) Bathroom Wallpapers

Wallpapers in the bathroom – that doesn't work? But yes, meanwhile there are also bathroom wallpapers that don't mind moisture. Say goodbye to the boring tiles and rely on designer photo wallpapers that breathe life into your interior design and take you, for example, into the depths of the jungle.

6) Works Of Art On The Floor – The Three-Dimensional Painting Technique

You don’t need to tile your bathroom floor and cover it with old-fashioned bathroom carpets any longer. Three-dimensional paintings on a shiny background create the impression that you are looking down a waterfall, running through a koi pond, or that you could swim with dolphins whenever you like.

7) Different Countries, Ancient Times

Probably the most famous bathing mermaid of all time is Cleopatra, who is said to have regularly bathed in donkey milk and honey. With success, because her beauty is still celebrated thousands of years later. So what could be more obvious than a bath in the style of the ancient Egyptians? Egyptian ornaments, Egyptian deities – live out your fantasies. Perhaps you feel more connected to the ancient Greeks or you might prefer the Roman interior design?

Ancient-style bathrooms are an ongoing trend.

8) A Classic: Black & White

Black and white tiles, black and white sanitary facilities ... maybe a little glitter effect. A simple and cool interior design that is still popular and modern. Similar to the famous "little black dress", it‘s an absolute evergreen that we can never get enough of.

black and white bathroom interior decor.
Black and white bathrooms are back in style.

9) Bath With Panoramic View 

Admittedly, panoramic glazing is certainly not recommended for every budget – and perhaps the surroundings should be taken into account, too, because after all, nobody wants to be watched by the neighbors while bathing. But imagine the breathtaking atmosphere when you look directly at the sea from the bathtub – or when you stand in front of a majestic mountain range after a shower. Panoramic glazed bathrooms are rare, but worth a mention nonetheless.

bathroom with a panoramic view.
A view enhances the bathroom experience as much as the interior decor.

10) It’s Getting Hot In Here – Bathroom With An Integrated Sauna

Very unusual, but the sight of such an interior design wouldn’t leave any sauna enthusiast cold: a bathroom with an integrated sauna. Take a quick shower, do your hair, put on your make-up in the morning … but in the evening you will be welcomed by a true oasis of wellbeing, which, incidentally, also strengthens your immune system.

So Which Bathroom Do You Prefer?

There are no limits to the ideas for unusual interior designs in your bathroom – so there’s no room left for boredom. Allow yourself the bathroom that you deserve!

Nicole Zieseniss hails from Moers, Germany. She is the owner of the text and translation agency with experience of over 15 years in writing. She authored four books dealing with sports, children's fitness, and special needs. In this context, she also wrote several articles that have been published in newspapers and relevant professional magazines
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