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Blooming Boom - Invite Spring Into Your Home

By Nicole Zieseniss | February 18, 2022
  • When days get longer and the sun gains strength, we long for spring. Spring puts an end to the eternal gray that makes us feel so tired and dull. The first lilies-of-the-valley are sticking out their heads, colorful crocuses appear along the way – we can almost smell springtime. And with these flowery decoration ideas, you can also invite the spring into your home.

    floreser LqoMBnPix 8 unsplash
    Blooming Boom - Invite Spring Into Your Home (Photo by Floreser on Unsplash)

    Blossom Bowls Lift The Spirits And Ensure Healthy Air

    Anyone who has enough of all the rain and dry heating air can not only create colorful eye-catchers with flower bowls, but also increase the humidity in the room: Simply fill a ceramic bowl with water and add a few flower heads – tulips or cyclamen, for example, are particularly suitable. Place some flowers with short stems at the edge of the bowl to make the overall picture even more interesting and dynamic.

    priscilla du preez 2qBZPWM4OU0 unsplash
    Blossom Bowls Lift The Spirits And Ensure Healthy Air (Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash)

    On A Spring Meadow …

    ... this is how you will feel with an arrangement of, for example, irises, tulips or hyacinths. Just fix a pinholder with florist's compound on the bottom of a flower pot and then attach a ball of rabbit wire to it. Finally, fill the whole thing up with water, arrange the freshly cut stems into a colorful floral arrangement and spring will come to you.

    niklas ohlrogge 74QmIJDTD c unsplash
    On A Spring Meadow (Photo by Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash)

    Blooming Boom With Pampas Grass And Silver Leaf

    All you need is a straw wreath and straw flower needles to combine fluffy sprigs of pampas grass with glittering silver leaf and your choice of colorful spring flowers. Cover the entire wreath with pampas grass and silver leaf, then fill some florist tubes with water and insert them, pointed end first, into the wreath. Now all you have to do is insert the flower stalks into the tubes, and the spring wreath is ready – a beautiful interior decoration on doors, cupboard doors, walls, etc.

    Anything But Boring: Arrangements With Dried Flowers

    Use a pinholder that you attach to the bottom of a vase, a flowerpot, a bowl or to any other container with some florist's compound. Then insert the stems of a dried hydrangea or, for example, a leafy herb and sprinkle the entire arrangement with fresh blossoms, just as tulip or cyclamen.

    peter bucks 70zWkGkeMrk unsplash
    Arrangements With Dried Flowers (Photo by peter bucks on Unsplash)

    A Parade Of Flowers On The Window Sill

    A nice flower pot here and there – that's how most window sills come along. But with a truly magnificent parade you'll give your blooming boom an exciting effect: To achieve this, fill several glasses, vases and goblets of different sizes with water and then decorate them with colorful flower types. Place the larger vessels in the background and the smaller ones in front – so nothing gets lost and there will be "movement" in the picture.

    tucker good 7leMlEB9STs unsplash
    A Parade Of Flowers On The Window Sill (Photo by Tucker Good on Unsplash)

    The Color Sets The Tone

    We associate spring with fresh, soft colors such as pink, yellow or pastel shades. And your flower arrangements will look much more vivid and vibrant with exciting color combinations like pink, orange and yellow. Here, too, spring flowers, e.g. tulips, hyacinths or cyclamen, are particularly recommended – and it feels even more natural with green grass or mimosa stalks.

    amber turner 9WNzqf Y9a8 unsplash
    The Color Sets The Tone (Photo by Amber Turner on Unsplash)

    Put A Blossom-Stop To Winter Depression!

    Unfortunately, we can't do much about the wet, gray weather, but don't let it spoil your mood. The drearier it is on your doorstep, the livelier and more colorful your interior decoration should be! The weather won’t become a spoilsport and the anticipation of spring remains undiminished.

    diego botero POiwyLRqnbk unsplash
    Put A Blossom Stop To Winter Depression! (Photo by Diego Botero on Unsplash)
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