Bathrooms get the makeover treatment

Homeowners say they’re sick and tired of old and dated bathrooms, and that’s the primary driver of most renovation projects. Those who’re carrying out renovations are attempting to modernize their bathrooms with hi-tech features, with the master bathroom generally being the primary recipient of such treatment.


The majority of homeowners responded in a Houzz survey that the main reason for carrying out a bathroom renovation is they simply can’t stand their dated bathrooms anymore. The most cited bathroom gripes were small sizes and outdated finished, the survey found.

Four out of five homeowners who’re carrying out renovations say the bathroom is their top priority, with features such as countertops, flooring, plumbing fixtures, sinks and showers top of the list of replacements.

The majority of homeowners are also adding more hi-tech features. Some 20 percent of homeowners are updating their toilets, 12 percent are modernizing their tubs, and 9 percent will install newer showers with hi-tech features, the survey found.

The top hi-tech features of toilets include self-cleaning functionality, motion-activated seats, and nightlights. As for bathtubs, popular upgrades include built-in lights, heated backrests and scented mist dispensers. Finally for showers, homeowners are investing in mood lighting, built-in sound and digital controls.

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