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How to boost engagement for your real estate brand on Twitter

By Laura Kohlenberger | July 27, 2017

Twitter is successfully used by many real estate professionals. Some of them are considered industry influencers because they share valuable insight despite the 140 characters limit. Realtors and companies like @sueadler, @NikkiBeauchamp, @BHGRealEstate, and @LeighBrown, among many others, can serve as examples of what a good real estate Twitter profile should look like, what to share, and how to communicate with peers and followers.

The psychology of a good profile image and cover photo

Start with your profile: post a clear, professional image of you, wearing a color that stimulates interest while conveying trust. Avoid black, because it comes out unfriendly and intimidating, and go for blue if you want to inspire trustworthiness and dependability. Red is enthusiastic and vibrant, a color that stands out with strength and energy. Here's a link to help you if you are not sure which color to choose. You can also study what colors mean in business to customize the theme color of your profile.

For instance, check out Leigh Thomas Brown's Twitter profile (@LeighBrown) to see an example of a good, professional choice of colors. The profile picture is positive and bold. Her choice of white is inspired, as white implies fairness and impartiality among other things. The open smile radiates a feel good energy hard to resist. Her cover image is powerful too, especially conveying the message that you do not want to miss "The Leigh Brown Experience." You will want to get the size of the cover photo right too. Even though Twitter recommends 1500px by 500px, there's an "invisible area" that changes how your images appear on your profile. Snappa offers a step-by-step tutorial to help you get the most out of your Twitter header. And back at @LeighBrown, although the cover photo is focused on Leigh's professional life, her tweets show the person behind the business: a runner who likes popcorn, music, and travel.

Balance business and personal tweets

While the main purpose of a Twitter real estate profile is business, you should remember that you are dealing with people. Just like in real life, you will want to "break the ice" with something sweet, be it a joke, an observation about the neighborhood, a tip where to find the best coffee, and so on. So master a balance of business and personal tweets that will present you in a positive light on this social network. Retweet what you find interesting and join conversations if you have something interesting and useful to add. Use #hashtags, but only those related with the topic.

It always helps you save time and keep organized if you create a list of those tweeps who you want to engage with. Twitter recommends that you use Twitter lists to find only tweets from people you are interested in connecting with. Timing is essential too, and according to research, the best times to tweet are between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST on weekdays.

You will also want to learn how to write good tweets, and this guide helps.

Striking images bring more

Tweets with images get five times more engagement than text - so make use of visual aids to attract interactions. This Twitter marketing guide by Ben Shepardson is listed by the National Association of Realtors as it contains valuable information to help you boost engagement and attract more followers for your business. Since Twitter supports video too, you may want to upload videos to boost engagement as well. Use Twitter analytics to measure what’s working and what’s not.

Videos will also help you to build a more personable and successful presence on Twitter," according to Neil Patel. "Since most marketers who are on Twitter do not use videos nearly as much as they should (or at all), you will easily be able to stand out and set yourself apart from your competition."

In conclusion, the more genuine you are, the better. People like to deal with people instead of dealing with cold corporate reps who are only interested in making a sale. #dontbethatguy

Laura is a Realty Biz News contributor, and a seasoned writer specializing in travel and social media techniques.
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