Business Intelligence 2012: Deploy It Or…

Real estate, property management, vacation rentals, even huge commercial entities need to be aware, there’s a paradigm shift occurring where digital business goes. Business Intelligence, otherwise known as BI, is no longer something just the techies understand and utilize.

The focus of the infographic below is toward user-focused BI. You will find that no longer is just your IT department focused on these tools, but peripheral ones as well.

Check out the latest tips and strategies below courtesy of DOMO.

Created by Domo Technologies, Inc.

The ability to visualize. This is something most people are either born with or not. Now, cutting edge graphics and interactives are deployed that not only broadcast a company’s brand, but gather intelligence that enables us to do a better job. When all is said and done, the two way street of B2C interaction is what differentiates companies now. How do you engage your audience? The old fashioned way? Or, do you really look, listen, and react?

Imagine a world where such BI is employed to help you interact with your audience.

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