Real Estate Investing as Interest Rates Rise

The housing inventory is low. Interest rates are rising. Tariffs on Canadian lumber have sent the price of construction sharply higher. Rents are going up relentlessly

Is Your Residential Lease Ironclad?

If you’ve been a residential landlord for much time at all, you probably know your lease inside out. But often, it’s not what’s in the lease that later causes you headaches,

The best neighborhoods ranked by their investment potential

Real estate investors looking for the best neighborhoods would do well to check out this new list from ATTOM Data Solutions.

Hassle-Free SEO for Real Estate Investors

The world of search engine optimization, or SEO, can seem incredibly dense if you’re on the outside looking in. Realtors and real estate investors often run into problems with conceptualizing SEO,

7 Real Estate Investing Mistakes That Kill Profits

Investors are flooded with advice about how to invest in real estate. The vast amount of that advice is about what you should be doing.

Have You Updated Your 2018 Tax Strategy?

It’s more than half way through the tax year and this is the year that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) took affect. These tax code

Why People Invest in Real Estate

Real estate investing is about financial earnings and reliability. It is also about investing in something that you and most people actually understand.

Institutional investors take aim at student housing

Student housing is an interesting niche market for real estate investors as it generally offers much higher returns. However, the downside is that student housing often requires more intensive management and administration.

How Real Estate Investors Research Local Comps for ARV

Investors must have fair and accurate comps to determine the after repair value (ARV). You’re actually dealing with two different processes here that blend together.

How to Build a Diversified Real Estate Investing Portfolio

Some people stumble into real estate investing and then build a career around it. As these investors gain experience, many diversify their portfolios using multiple strategies.

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