Don’t Miss These Real Estate Tax Benefits on Investment Property

Investment properties by their very nature are supposed to bring in a profit. That is what draws so many people to add them to their investment portfolio. You still need to get the most profit out of your investment property as possible. This doesn’t just mean income from the property itself. You may qualify for […]

How To Find The Right Loans For Real Estate Investing

For those who are new to the world of investing, finding a property isn’t the hardest part! For many, finding the right type of loan for their real estate investment can make or break their next deal. Real estate investors are often on the hunt for the next big deal, but finding the funding for […]

COVID-19: What the future holds in terms of Real Estate Investments?

In a matter of weeks, the 2020 picture had shifted 180 degrees, from a year with high prospects, to one that seems to bring the first economic downturn since 2008. The entire world is under heavy pressure due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of cases had recently surpassed 1 million. The United States […]

The DC Housing Market: 7 of the Greatest Places to Invest

There are many great places in Washington, DC when it comes to investing in real estate. You can learn more about the DC housing market here. Washington DC is home to a lot of amazing things. From The White House to the Smithsonian Museums to countless restaurants, breweries, and entertainment venues, DC has it all.  […]

Tips for Today’s Landlords

It continues to be a great time for landlords. Monthly rents have been increasing for years, vacancies remain at historic lows, and a really big benefit for landlords is that the renters are paying down any loans you have on the property, while your equity continues appreciating every month. All is good! This makes now […]

What Are Different Types of Alternative Investments

Everyone wants to retire someday, and the best way to retire on time or early is to invest your money wisely. Thankfully, today there are thousands of different types of alternative investments out there. From rugs to gold, you can pick whatever you’re interested in today and turn it into an investment tomorrow! We’d like […]

Lord of the Lawn: 5 Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips for Landlords

When you rent a property with an adjoining lawn, who is responsible for mowing it, you or your tenant? What about aerating, dethatching, and fertilizing it? What about landscaping for multi-family properties? What do you do when tenants want to put in a vegetable patch or flower garden? How can you minimize dog damage when […]

How Rental Properties Change the Math of Retirement Income

When your passive income from investments can cover your monthly living expenses, you reach financial independence. In other words, working becomes optional. While the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement has its share of critics, the simple fact is that anyone can retire early. It takes a high savings rate of course – you can’t […]

A Basic 3 Minute Single Family Rental Investment Analysis

You’re probably familiar with the 80/20 rule also known as the “Pareto’s Principle.” The 80/20 rule is a general rule that basically means there is not an equal relationship between your efforts and your results. The principle states that 20% of your effort is responsible for 80% of your results. That’s not particularly a good […]

What Type of Investment Property Loan Is Right for You

Investing in property can help you generate an ongoing, passive, and steady income. Plus, it is also a worthwhile long-term investment, assuming its value increases over time. Therefore, many investors decide to purchase investment properties as part of their wealth-generating strategies. Sounds great, right? If you’ve decided that investing in property is right for you, […]