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Getting a Bigger Bite of the Boroughs: A New York City Real Estate Story Reported Demise of the City Greatly Exaggerated

By RealtyBiz News | June 2, 2023
Results of the 2020 U.S. Census revealed that New York City – comprised of five regions called boroughs – was in the midst of tremendous population growth. Population increases were strongest in Brooklyn (9.2 percent), followed by Queens (7.8 percent), Manhattan (6.8 percent), the Bronx (6.3 percent), and Staten Island (5.8 percent).  Then COVID hit. […]
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The Top 5 Brokerage Challenges

By Rick Ellis | May 1, 2023
One of the biggest challenges as a real estate broker is always having to be “the smartest person in the room.” Literally, everyone looks to you for answers and guidance which can be a challenge in a rapidly changing environment. A favorite quote of mine that’s been around forever is, “if you’re the smartest person […]
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Mortgage Financing News: Rates Up, Volume Up?

By Catherine Tims | April 28, 2023
It’s a simple economic formula: the more something costs, the fewer people might be inclined to purchase it. Demand levels tend to decrease, especially at times when a product or service goes through a rate hike, as new, higher costs simply price out many that might have been interested otherwise. Yet this isn’t always the […]
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Creating Authentic Community Connections Is Key to Brand Awareness

By RealtyBiz News | April 24, 2023
Leading with authenticity has always been a hallmark of successful marketing and that has never been more true than in my work with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team. Our brokerage joined the brand in July of 2022 and since then has focused on a rebranding and awareness effort to make the most […]
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Why Are Housing Costs So High in the Us? Understanding the Factors Driving Prices

By RealtyBiz News | April 17, 2023
Housing costs have been a hot topic in the United States for several years now. With the rising costs of rent and home ownership, many Americans are struggling to find affordable housing. The question that arises is, are housing costs too high in the US, and if so, why? To answer this question, it's important […]
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The Complex Relationship Between Inflation and Real Estate: Positive Property Values Vs. Negative Borrowing Costs and Rental Market

By RealtyBiz News | April 13, 2023
Inflation can have both positive and negative impacts on real estate. On one hand, inflation can lead to an increase in property values, as the cost of goods and services rise, so too does the value of tangible assets like real estate. This is because people need to pay more for the land, materials, and […]
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Is the Housing Market Really Recession-proof? Exploring the Factors That Affect Its Resilience

By RealtyBiz News | April 9, 2023
The housing market has always been considered one of the most important indicators of the health of the economy. However, despite the popular belief that the housing market is recession-proof, this is not entirely true. While the housing market has shown remarkable resilience during previous economic downturns, there are many reasons why it is not […]
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