Building a New Home – 7 Things That Could Go Wrong

Are you shopping for a home to call your own? Most likely, you’re looking for your dream home that will last forever. But the results of your search have been short of impressive. You may start to realize how difficult it is finding a house the checks off all of your needs and wants. It […]

Home prices grow and affordability drops in Q2

Home values saw more gains in 91% of 178 U.S. metro areas during the second quarter, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors published Wednesday. The data shows that the national median price for a single-family home came to $279,000 in Q2, up 4.3% from a year before. Nine-three of the […]

Tips To Help You Find the Best Home Loan

Finding the best home mortgage meeting your needs probably isn’t the same as it is for your brother in-law, your water cooler buddy, or even the loan originator that your real estate agent recommends. The one your agent recommends is probably worth at least talking to but before you commit to a loan be sure […]

Experts forecast growth in homeownership rates as millennials come of age

U.S. Census Bureau data published this week shows that the homeownership rate fell slightly to 64.1%, despite the fact that the number of new households is rising. That’s because most new household formations come from rentals, the number of which was larger than the amount of new homeowners for the first time since 2016. “The […]

Amazon launches real estate agent matching service with free product incentives

Amazon is offering home buyers who use a real estate agent via its new TurnKey program thousands of dollars worth of free smart home technology, plus home service credits, as it looks to push into the real estate sector. The online retail giant launched its new homebuying program in 15 U.S. cities this week, in […]

Buying versus Renting a Home Which One Is More Affordable?

Are you thinking about moving? If so, you have probably given considerable thought as to whether it’s better to buy or rent. And for many, that’s a tough decision. There are so many questions and so many different issues that factor into making such a decision. So how do you go about deciding whether to […]

Benefits Of Becoming A Homeowner

You’ve likely arrived on this page because you are wondering about the benefits of becoming a homeowner. Maybe you are renting a home and don’t know if it’s better for you to buy or rent your home. Or perhaps you’re still living at home, want to get a place of your own, and are trying […]

What to Consider When Buying Your New Home

Your home is most likely your largest financial asset. That is why it is important to take care in the process of making a purchasing decision. The Mortgage One part of getting a new home is saving up for a mortgage down payment. Even if you get a deal where the payment is less than […]

Experts warn falling inventories could lead to a return to bidding wars

Bidding wars and faster home sales could soon become the norm again if the latest forecast on home inventories by holds true. The report forecasts that the number of homes for sale in the U.S. is set to decline again in the next few months, limiting the bargaining power of buyers until well into […]

Negotiate with confidence, learn about the property

Buying a house is thrilling. Every home sale could mean that new owners take over the house of their dreams, or past owners can move on to explore new opportunities. But before the sale is complete and the contract final, there’s often a crucial step for the potential new owners: a home inspection. This process […]