Tips For Researching a Home’s History

Purchasing a new house is a complicated process, which requires time and a lot of care. To make it a safe and carefree process, there are several elements to consider before signing the actual contract. Although the immediate attention of any buyer goes towards the financial aspects, like loans and credit history, it is instrumental […]

What Do Property Encroachments Mean?

Have you heard about encroachments in real estate and wondered what exactly that meant? You might think that you’ve found your perfect home, but a dispute with your neighbors can ruin the dream. Neighbor problems can occur for many reasons, but one source of problems can be encroachments. Perhaps you have a neighbor that either […]

Groundworks Expert Gives Home Foundation Advice

Groundworks executive Tim Tracy offers up great advice for sellers and buyers on the importance of home foundation inspections and repairs.

Understanding Credit Score Requirements For a Home Purchase

Credit Score Requirements When Buying a House Buying a house is a big life decision and a complex operation with many important steps. Your credit score is one of the essential elements needing consideration during this process and before deciding to purchase a house. We have gathered here the essentials about credit score, what credit […]

Hope May Be on the Horizon for First-Time Buyers

It’s too early to know for sure but some early indicators are emerging that show some relief could be coming to first-time buyers. That relief could include a combination of how Fannie Mae calculates credit scores, a few more houses coming on the market, and even a slight uptick in mortgage rates. Fannie Mae Upgrades […]

What Happens If a Customer Slips and Falls at Your Listing?

As a real estate agent, you deal with a lot of different customers during tours and open houses. However, what happens if a customer slips and falls during one of these visits? Who is liable if an injury occurs? To help you understand this better so that you can be prepared, here is what you […]

Look at home buying as an auction, experts say

Buyers could benefit from adopting more of an “auction mindset” as they head into the housing market, experts say. Those who believe they’ll be able to buy a home for less than the asking price these days will likely find that they end up with zilch. With home inventories so tight, it’s better to think […]

High prices and low inventory frustrate buyers

Home buyers are getting more frustrated with the rising prices and lack of options in the housing market. Fannie Mae’s latest Home Purchase Sentiment Index reveals that just 35% of people believe now is a good time to buy a home, down from 47% just a month ago. Moreover, the percentage of people who think […]

Unsolicited offers abound as investors hope to profit from housing stock shortage

Homeowners in small town America say they’re being pestered with speculative inquiries on their homes, even though they’re not listed for sale. And in some cases the speculation is hitting ridiculous levels, with one homeowner claiming to have received over a hundred such offers! In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Chuck Vukotich said […]

How Long it Takes to Close on a House

What Is The Time Frame For Closing on a Home? One of the more popular questions asked from buyers and sellers is how long it will take to close on a house. When buying or selling a home, you feel relieved once the process closes and you have the home keys handed over to you. […]