A quarter of U.S. home buyers intend to relocate to smaller cities & towns

One quarter of home buyers say they’re planning to move from their current residence, with many saying the COVID-19 pandemic has convinced them to relocate to smaller towns and cities. Redfin reported last week that its database of more than one million house hunters shows that a record 27% are looking to move to a […]

Keller Williams to expand its iBuying business

Keller Williams iBuying business Keller Offers says it no longer has an exclusive agreement with Offerpad, and will start adding funding partners to its instant offers program for home sellers. The company said it wants to give homeowners more options, providing them with multiple cash offers on their properties so they can choose the best […]

LGBT buyers can’t afford homes in areas with protection from discrimination

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender home-buyers and renters must pay a premium to live in states, cities and counties that offer legal protection from discrimination. While it is unlikely that legal protections for LGBT people increase home values, the fact that these jurisdictions are more expensive has a disproportionate impact on LGBT buyers and renters […]

What You Need to Know About HOA Fees

Too many people fail to pay attention to the impact HOA fees have on homeownership. HOAs are serious about collecting the fees owed to them. When fees are unpaid, it can have devastating consequences for current homeowners and people looking to buy another home who left unpaid fees behind at a previous community. However, HOA […]

Consumers more eager to buy homes, despite COVID-19

Home buyers aren’t being scared off by the COVID-19 pandemic. On the contrary, 53% of those quizzed in a recent survey by LendingTree said they’re more likely to buy a home in the next year because of the coronavirus outbreak. The most eager to buy appear to be first-time buyers and millennials, the survey found. […]

Essential Open House Tips for Sellers

Open houses are an important step in the selling process. People want to see what’s on the market and compare your place to others that are up for sale. Therefore, you must do everything in your power to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. Follow these essential open house tips for sellers […]

What Investors and Landlords Need to Know About COVID-19

Learn how real estate investors and landlords will be impacted the fallout from COVID-19.

Tips for Organizing Safe Real Estate Showings During Covid-19

The first cases of Covid-19 were recorded in China at the end of 2019, and now, four months later, there are millions of confirmed cases across the globe. In addition to the public health consequences, Covid-19 is having a devastating effect on the global economy. Almost every industry is being affected in some way, and […]

Builders offer strong incentives for new home buyers

Home builders are trying to entice buyers by covering their closing costs, and offering discounts and free upgrades such as new appliances. The incentives are aimed at new homes and developments that are currently in the works. “Builders with standing inventory will seek to sell it as quickly as they can,” Robert Dietz, chief economist […]

Sellers holding buyers back as the country slowly reopens

Home buyers are still as enthusiastic as ever, rushing to view homes when and where they can despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But cautious home sellers appear to be holding them back, CNBC reported this week. “We’ve had buyers ready, willing, and able, and the sellers have been the ones who have pulled their homes, […]