As people stay at home more, good neighbors matter

People’s priorities are shifting as they spend more time at home freed from the strain of constantly commuting and being active. Now, home shoppers are placing more emphasis on the neighborly qualities on the areas where they live. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that real estate professionals have noted buyers are placing more […]

iBuying transactions fall by half as traditional home sales accelerate

Home sales might be up during the COVID-19 pandemic, but iBuying companies are still suffering from a lack of activity. Indeed, it’s looking likely that the market share of iBuying activity will be around 50% less than what it was in 2019, according to one analyst. iBuyer companies such as Opendoor operate a business model […]

Land Surveys: What to Know About a Property Survey

A Land Survey Explained Are you considering paying for a survey of a piece of property? When you purchase land, it’s not a bad idea to know exactly what you are paying for. Land surveys give you more information about the property you want to buy and can help reveal its true value. Let’s review […]

Home buying activity dropped off during election week

Home shopping activity fell sharply during election week as Americans focused their attention on the heated presidential race and a sharp uptick in coronavirus cases across the U.S., according to’s latest Weekly Housing Report. The report cites data from the Mortgage Bankers Association that shows mortgage applications from home buyers fell to their lowest […]

More homes sell above list price amid buyer competition

In more evidence that persistent buyer demand is pushing a strong housing market deeper into the year than usual, a new Zillow analysis has found the share of homes sold above list continues to rise, blowing past the typical mid-summer peak. In September, 22.4% of homes purchased in the U.S. were sold for more than […]

More homes are being listed for sale

Starved home buyers are finally getting more choices to pick from, thanks to an improvement in the number of newly listed homes since March. A report from shows that the housing market is gradually becoming more balanced as far as inventory is concerned, helped by a seasonal slowdown in sales. For now though, the […]

Things To Watch Out for When Buying a Home

Putting an offer on a new home can force buyers into a very precarious situation. Often, they’re tasked with deciding on a home having spent very little time inside the house. Because your window to inspect the property is only open for a short time, knowing what red flags to avoid can make all the […]

What is a Modular Home: Things to Know About Prefab Houses

What to Know About Modular Home Construction Are you considering purchasing a modular home? Modular homes offer many advantages over traditionally constructed houses, but not many people consider living in this type of housing. In fact, only around 16% of residential property in America are prefab homes, but this is changing. There are many advantages […]

Best Down Payment Assistance Programs for First Time Buyers

COVID-19 included, the biggest obstacle to home ownership remains the financing. For most, it’s saving the down payment. Especially if you haven’t owned a home before that builds equity to transfer as the down payment when you upgrade or move to another location (but that’s not a first time buyer). The Millennial Generation is having […]

Professional Moving 101 – Your Ultimate Guide

Shifting and moving are a part of life, and each one of us has to go through it now and then. It occurs for various purposes and means and comes with different reasons. Sometimes, it’s because we want to change our residence. At other times, it is due to professional and strategic reasons. Either way, […]