U.S. housing inventory down 20% in February

February saw noticeably fewer homes come onto the market compared to the previous year, and the lower inventory is fueling price rises across the country. That’s according to realtor.com’s February Housing Trends report, which has economists warning of an especially competitive spring home buying season. All told, housing inventory in the U.S. has fallen by […]

Here’s How to Get Ready for a Home Inspection

Buyers get a lot of advice on how to get ready for a home inspection. But if you’re the homeowner, how do you prepare for the inspector, so that your home puts its best foot forward? Most offers to purchase will include a home inspection as a contingency, so the results of the inspection can […]

Biggest Mistakes First Time Buyers Make (….And How to Avoid Them)

Buying your first home is what you have been daydreaming about for months if not years. Your favorite daydream is a sunny Saturday afternoon watching the kids run through the sprinkler on your freshly mowed lawn. And there is that pestering feeling of being a little overwhelmed with the big decisions you face about the […]

Remote working enables more Americans to move to cheaper areas

Americans who move to new areas are finding that they’re being given more opportunities to telecommute as employers try to convince them to remain in their jobs. That’s according to a new Redfin study, which found that telecommuting is enabling many Americans to relocate to areas with more affordable housing while keeping the same salary. […]

5 Tips for Selling Your Luxury Home Without Reducing the Asking Price

While no one wants to sell a their home for less than their asking price, being forced to accept a lower offer on a luxury home often constitutes a significant financial loss. From understanding the mindset of potential buyers to choosing the right time to sell, there are plenty of tips that may help to […]

What to Look for When Buying an Old House

When buying a house, many people tend to lean toward the newest models with the shiniest appliances. Buying an older house, however, can be just as rewarding as buying a newer one. In fact, older homes hold a touch of history, culture, and character that’s hard to come by in newer models. Of course, buying […]

Should You Help Your Kids Buy a House

Helping Children Purchase a Home Should you help to buy one of your children a house? Is it really feasible to buy a kid a home outright? You might have been asking yourself these questions. Despite low-interest rates, many young people find it difficult to buy their first home. Monthly paychecks don’t seem to have […]

More millennials turn to co-buying to own a home

Millennials who’re unable to afford a home on their own and can’t rely on their family to help are increasingly opting to co-buy a home with their friends. Around 4% of first-time buyers in the period from July 2018 to June 2019 purchased their home with a housemate, according to data from the National Association […]

10 Steps to Buying Your First Home: Here’s What to Expect

Buying a home is the largest purchase you’ll likely make in your lifetime, so it’s not surprising that buying a home, especially for the first time, can be both exciting and a bit baffling . But knowing what you’re likely to encounter can reduce some of the anxiety. Here are the typical steps to take […]

8 Features to Look For When Buying an Eco-Friendly Home

These days, many home buyers are looking for eco-friendly features. Fortunately, greener options are being incorporated into more and more home designs, making it easier for homebuyers to find the house that’s right for them. The National Association of Realtors reports that in 2018, about 5.34 million existing homes were sold. Although building a new […]