Home renovation boom makes contractors tough to find

Pandemic lockdowns have led to a surge in home renovation projects. More than 70% of U.S. homeowners in a recent survey by Dewalt said they are currently planning or thinking about starting such a project before the year’s end. Priorities include bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, porches, patios, decks and landscaping, the survey shows. But for all

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How To Build A Durable Storage Shed From DIY Plans

Creating a wooden shed on your property from scratch can be a challenging project. Amateur builders must consider several critical elements to ensure the successful completion of the project within budget. The first step is always to get the correct DIY storage shed plans before the start of construction. Let us take a look at

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25 Smart Home Technology Devices You Need Right Now

The following list serves as a template to inspire your future home improvement efforts shall you want to embrace the trends of the moment while cutting energy costs, reducing water consumption, improving home security, and, why not, wellness.

When it comes to home renovations, most sellers need guidance

Most people understand that renovations can help to increase the value of their home, but many could benefit from guidance on what exactly needs upgrading, a new study has found. The survey of 2,000 U.S. homeowners, commissioned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, found that many people are unclear about the home renovation process. Not only

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Remodeling for Resale: 7 Kitchen Upgrades to Increase Resale Value

Is your well-loved home showing signs of wear-and-tear? Has your property’s wow factor waned over decades of housewarming festivities, birthday extravaganzas, and pow-wows with your immediate family? If so, a good old-fashioned home renovation may be calling your name.  During the beginning stages of home resale, sellers should prioritize kitchen remodeling efforts to pique the

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Now we have a paint shortage to deal with too

Paint is getting harder to come by, and that’s likely to have an impact of people aiming to do summer home improvement projects. It’s also delaying the construction of new homes, as builders are forced to wait for supplies of more paint. The paint shortage is primarily due to the COVID-19 restrictions that have led

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DIY – Home Pest Removal

When pests move into your home, it’s time to quickly show them the way back out. There are several inexpensive and Do It Yourself techniques you can try before calling in professionals. Over-the-counter products and professionals tend to be very expensive solutions. Commercial products for ant infestations often aren’t even as effective as home cures

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Electrical issues are becoming more commonplace

Old and faulty wiring is becoming more of an issue in people’s homes due to ongoing lockdowns. Experts say that electrical problems are emerging more because the remote work and education trends mean that more people are using devices at home for longer, and that is putting additional strain on old fuse boxes and fraying

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Homeowners are taking on bigger remodeling projects while stuck at home

Home remodeling projects have become a lot more popular since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many homeowners taking on smaller jobs to pass the time. But as the pandemic has dragged on, many have embarked on much larger home renovation projects. A recent study by the National Kitchen & Bath Association and John

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Interior designers help clients find homes with potential

Some picky home buyers have started bringing along an interior designer to view the homes they’re interested in, so they can get feedback on how the property might be renovated to better suit their design tastes. With home prices across the U.S. soaring, it’s though that some buyers are doing this so they can better

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