China Real Estate Market Instability 2012

In news from Bloomberg, via Newsweek, China real estate market exchange trembled at the news the country’s largest real estate developer’s January figures. According to the news, shares of companies with listings on the market dropped by as much as 2%.

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Shanghai’s Composite Index fell by just under half of one percent before the closing bell, Newsweek reported, on the reports that China Vanke Co. sales plummeted almost 40% from the previous year. Right behind the leader in real estate, Guangzhou R&F Properties Co. is China’s second biggest player with dealings in the sale of properties, property investment, hotel operations, and more ventures. According to Reuters today, shares of Guangzhou R&F stand at 8.16HKD, down HK$-0.02 (-0.24%).

In associated news, Standard & Poor’s recent super rating of Sun Hung Kai Properties reflects confidence, even though that company’s strong ties to the China real estate market could prove risky, to say the least. SHKP, Nan Fung Holdings and Philippines Banco de Oro Unibank, look prime for risk investors now. However, Moody’s has added analysis here in view of the seeming volatility of Asia markets. First, the company finds disturbing the relative contagion risk from Europe’s economic woes. Secondly, a bad landing for the China economy could prove problematic, especially where the bubble busting on real estate is concerned. A downturn in commodity prices; and/or a potential downturn in the Australian markets, could signal severe hardship for investors.

We will stay abreast of these developments in the Asia realty world, and update you as news comes in.