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Clubhouse for Realtors: How to Use the Hottest New Social App

By Matt Southern | March 8, 2021

Clubhouse is the app taking the social media world by storm right now. It’s an audio-only platform where users can host live discussions that other people can join.

The use of Clubhouse has exploded over the past few months. During that time realtors have figured out ways to use it to achieve results such as:

  • Getting more referrals
  • Growing social media followings
  • Building a personal brand

In this article I’ll go over how to use Clubhouse to do all of that and more. First, let’s go over the basics of how to use Clubhouse in general as it’s a relatively new app that you may not be familiar with yet.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse launched in April 2020 and has accumulated over two million weekly active users at the time of this writing.

That’s substantial growth when you consider it’s available on iOS by invitation only. A wider public release is certainly in the works, however.

Clubhouse is designed for audio-only communication. Users can host chats which other users can jump in and out of.

Adding your input to a Clubhouse chat works in a similar way to Zoom, in that you have to raise your hand and wait for your turn to speak. This is to prevent chats from getting too chaotic with people talking over each other.

Clubhouse users each have their own profiles but users cannot send messages between each other. The only way to communicate is through a public chat. That’s actually not a bad thing, and I’ll explain why later.

How to Use Clubhouse

The first step to getting started with Clubhouse is to receive an invite from an existing user. Reach out to your connections and surely one of them may have a spare invite code.

After downloading the app from the iOS App Store and entering your invite code, start creating your profile by uploading a professional photo and writing out your bio.

You can write as much as you want in the bio section, so include pillar pieces of information that define who you are, which market you’re from, what you specialize in, any notable achievements, and so on.

When filling out your profile you’ll be prompted to select your interests, which should be done strategically. Select interests that correspond to the types of chat rooms you’d like to participate in. Clubhouse offers an explore tab where you can find rooms to join that are tailored to the interests defined in your profile.

Those are the basics of what Clubhouse is and how to use it. Now here’s how to use it as a real estate agent.

Using Clubhouse As A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents should approach Clubhouse with three main goals:

  • Building a brand
  • Growing your network
  • Generating referrals

Building a Brand on Clubhouse

Realtors can build their brand on Clubhouse by joining conversations and demonstrating their expertise.

There’s three ways to interact on clubhouse:

  • Moderator: Someone who creates and controls the room, they can select who speaks and who doesn’t.
  • Speakers: People who raise their hand which gives them an opportunity to speak and ask moderators questions.
  • Listeners: People who join the chat just to listen.

If you’re speaking the goal is to get to the top of the conversation. Everyone can see the list of speakers and who is up next to speak, so all eyes are on you when it’s your turn.

Raise your hand when you’re in one of the rooms if you feel like you can provide value or if you want to ask an educated question that demonstrates your experience on the topic of discussion.

When you’re familiar enough with how Clubhouse works you can create your own rooms in your niche. This will make you a moderator and get even more eyes on you.

Asking intelligent questions and contributing unique insight is likely to have people check out your profile and follow you. That brings us to the next goal of growing your network.

Using Clubhouse to Grow Your Network

Remember how I said people can’t message each other on Clubhouse? That’s a good thing, because it will drive people to follow you on other social media apps.

The only way to connect with people outside of the audio-based chat rooms is to connect on other social media apps like Instagram and Twitter.

Clubhouse allows you to connect other social accounts to your profile, so all it takes is a simple tap to follow you on Twitter. This is a powerful way to grow your social media following on other platforms.

Using Clubhouse to Generate Referrals

The ability to join live chat rooms with other realtors offers the incredible ability to build relationships outside your own market.

Building relationships with realtors in other markets is an effective way to generate referrals. Agents with clients looking to buy in your market can refer them to you, and vice versa.

Although Clubhouse has only existed for a short time, realtors are already reporting an increase in referrals from connections made on the app.

Final Notes About Clubhouse

The game plan for using Clubhouse is to build a following, interact with others, and consistently get your name to the top of the speakers list.

Engage with others outside of your market. Connect your socials to your Clubhouse profile to grow your audience on other networks.

Right now is the time to get in. Since it’s still new you have a greater chance of standing out from the crowd. Once Clubhouse opens up to Android, and the general public, it’s going to open up a floodgate of new users.

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Matt Southern is an accomplished writer and tech enthusiast with a keen eye for spotting emerging industry trends and a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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