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How Realtors Can Make Money With Twitter’s New Super Follow

By Matt Southern | March 2, 2021

New features are on the way that will allow people to make money directly from Twitter for the first time ever.

Twitter users can soon offer exclusive content to followers for a monthly fee with a new feature called Super Follow. Subscribers will receive access to premium content such as newsletters and tweets that can only be viewed by Super Followers.

Realtors are well positioned to benefit from Twitter’s new Super Follow feature when it launches in the future. Details are limited at this point, but if you start strategizing now you’re likely to see greater success with Super Follow when it becomes available.

Here’s what is known about the feature so far, and how realtors can use it to nurture leads, close more deals, and earn a bit of revenue on the side.

Twitter Super Follow: What Is It?

Super Follow allows users to charge money for access to exclusive tweets and other perks such as:

  • A supporter badge
  • Subscriber-only newsletters
  • Deals & discounts
  • Community access

This is an optional feature for Twitter users to take part in, as not everyone offers the kind of content that’s worth paying for.

However, the information realtors have access to is worth paying for, and it’s being shared on Twitter for free. That’s money on the table, but we’ll get into that later.

Super Follow is best described as Twitter’s answer to Patreon, which is another platform where creators offer premium content via a monthly subscription.

An example provided by Twitter at an event for shareholders shows the monthly fee set at $4.99 with the option to cancel any time.

It’s not known if creators will be able to offer different pricing tiers, like they can on Patreon, or if $4.99 will be the flat rate for all Super Follows. It makes sense to assume Twitter will take a percentage of each subscription, so exactly how much is going to creators is also unknown at this point.

There’s much yet to learn about Super Follow, but that hasn’t stopped the social media marketing community from brainstorming different ways the feauture can be used.

Certain industries stand to gain more than others from Super Follow. Journalists, for example, can potentially build a solid base of subscribers by offering first access to breaking news.

Content creators, such as podcast hosts, can use Super Follow to offer more of what their audience already enjoys such as subscriber-only episodes.

What can realtors offer on Twitter that’s worth paying for? The answer is: quite a bit, actually.

How Realtors Can Use Twitter’s Super Follow Feature

Realtors currently give away a significant amount of valuable information for free on Twitter. Information that home buyers and sellers would eagerly pay for, I’d wager. Here are various types of premium content realtors could offer with a Super Follow subscription.

New Listings

Realtors can give Super Followers exclusive access to new listings as soon as they hit the market. Sending information to subscribers a week before it goes out to the public, for example, can be well with the monthly fee for buyers who are keen to find their dream home.


Realtors can offer Super Followers a monthly newsletter which showcases all their recent listings, along with extras like tips for buyers and sellers.

Insider Information

Stop giving away your best advice for free advice on social media and start putting it behind a paywall. Realtors have access to industry information that others don’t have, and they can share their knowledge with Super Followers in the form of premium tweets.

Priority Access

A realtor’s time is valuable. Unfortunately it’s not possible to respond o every message right away. But you can sell front-of-the-line priority access with Super Follows. Emphasize that users with a subscriber badge will receive express service when submitting questions via direct message.

Those are just a few of many possible ways realtors can use Super Follow. We’ll keep you updated with more details as they become available.

Matt Southern is an accomplished writer and tech enthusiast with a keen eye for spotting emerging industry trends and a Realty Biz News Contributor.
  • One comment on “How Realtors Can Make Money With Twitter’s New Super Follow”

    1. what a retarded article, which clearly the author shows has no clues about. No one, ever, will pay for a super follow to spam them with random "exclusive" listings when in fact they might look for a specific location and specific price range. The whole article is rubbish

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